Ways-To-Win Slots – Explanation, Types & Top 10 Slots (2023)

Ways-To-Win Slots Explanation

Traditional slots have paylines or positions on the reels where you can match the game's symbols. Vintage slots tend to have only one payline, which is in the middle of the 1x3 reels. With the advent of digital slots, games included three to 50 more lines onto their reels. More payline can lead to more payout opportunities.

There is a catch for having all the paylines open, an increase in your bet. You need to increase your bet 50 times to open all lines in a slot machine with 50 paylines. It is important to note that those types of slot machines do not cover all reel combinations.

As a way to entice players, ways-to-win slots entered the gambling floor with the marketable feature of "zero paylines". You can match symbols across the reels in ways-to-win slots as long as they are adjacent to each other.

You get more opportunities at matching symbols with more paylines. With the ways-to-win mechanic, you max out your probability of making matches in each spin. In addition, nearly every kind of ways-to-win game has fixed paylines where you do not need to increase your bet to open all lines.

Types of Ways-To-Win Slots

Across brick and mortar and online casinos, there is a wide range of ways-to-win slots that have varying reels and mechanics.

243 ways-to-win

Most all-ways games tend to be 243 ways-to-win slots since these use a 5x3 reel structure. How are there that many lines in these kinds of games? You simply multiply the three symbols on all five reels where 3x3x3x3x3 will give you 243 ways to win.

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One example of a 243 ways-to-win slot is the Break Away slot from Microgaming that has a hockey theme. This game utilizes a cascade reel mechanic called rolling reels where all matched symbols are cleared to make way for new ones. Consecutive matches reward you with an increasing multiplier that can reach up to 10x your stake.

720 ways-to-win

The 720 ways-to-win slots' most prominent feature is their reel structure that has a diamond-like shape. Its reels are often set as 3x4x5x4x3, which gives you 720 ways to win when you multiply all the symbols' spaces on the reels.

Real Time Gaming's Vegas Lux Slot is a good example of a 720 ways-to-win slot. One of Vegas Lux's features is its Win-Both-Ways where you can match symbols from left to right sides and right to left sides, giving you more ways to create matches.

1024 ways-to-win

Bringing up the level of all-ways slots are 1024 ways-to-win titles that have 4x4x4x4x4 available symbols. While the additional row may not seem much when compared to 5x3 reels, the additional space offers four times more opportunities to create matches.

Five Pirates by Lightning Box is one of the 1024 ways-to-win slots you are likely to encounter. Scatter symbols have a sticky function where you get three free re-spins when you land one of these symbols. Upon triggering the Barrel Bonus mode, you get a choice of five free-spins modes with a different number of free games and the bet multiplier.


You are reading that right. Megaways slots have a whopping 117,649 ways to win. This 6-digit payline is possible through a six reel slot with 7 spaces, which is 7x7x7x7x7x7 will give you 117,649.

It is important to note that certain all-ways slots have this as their maximum payline number while its default ways-to-win is much smaller. This is thanks to the dynamic reels of these slots where the columns can have 7, 6, 5, 3, or 2 symbols at any point of the game. Monopoly Megaways is one example of this type of 117,649 all-ways slots that uses the popular board game's icons, characters, and art.

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Top 10 Ways-To-Win Slots

Game NameDeveloperRTPVariance
Ted MegawaysBlueprint96.03%High
Buffalo Wild SlotPlayzido94.69%Mid
Reel GemsMicrogaming96.52%Mid
Moon WarriorsHigh 5 Games94.90%Mid
Wild RocketsNetEnt96.66%Mid-High
Rock The ReelsIron Dog Studio96.20%High
8 Golden Skulls Of Jolly RogerBuck Stakes Entertainment96.86%High
Tiger Moon SlotAristocrat96.10%Mid-High
Candy DreamsMicrogaming96.82%Mid-High
7 SinsPlay'N Go94.23%High

1. Ted Megaways

Based on the movie of the same name, Ted Megaways from Blueprint features a dynamic 6x7x4 reel structure and up to 117,649 ways to win, as well as offering a 96.03% RTP with high variance. This is a ways-to-win slot with a cascade reel function where you receive a small re-spin each time you match symbols.

One of the notable features of Ted Megaways is the option to trigger the Thunder Buddies bonus mode manually by paying 15x your wager. Thunder Buddies starts with the Thunder Wheel that determines the number of free spins and minimum Megaways or ways-to-win line. Wins during the free spins part of the bonus mode increase a multiplier score.

Ted symbols will appear in the Thunder Buddies mode. When three of these symbols appear, the minimum Megaways increases and you receive additional spins.

2. Buffalo Wild Slot

Playzido's Buffalo Wild Slot has a 5x4 reel structure and 1,024 ways-to-win mechanics. It has a 94.69% RTP and mid-variance. Its Wheel Bonus mode is Buffalo Wild's main feature where you can receive 8, 10, or 15 free spins. You can also win a fixed jackpot prize that gives you 1,000x your stake in this mode.

Triggering the Diamond and Red Diamond Free Spins round will grant you a bet multiplier and several free games. One exciting feature of the Diamond Free Spins is its increase of the ways-to-win line from 1,024 to 2,000.

3. Reel Gems

One of Microgaming's classics, Reel Gems is a 5x3 reels slot with 243 ways-to-win mechanic that uses a precious stone theme. This slot's distinct feature is the manual Re-spin function where you can spin one or five reels for a price. Manual re-spins can help you match valuable symbols or the scatter modes.

Reel Gems gives players a generous 96.52% RTP with mid-variance.

As you would expect from a Microgaming slot, Reel Gems free spins mode also includes a 3x multiplier. In addition, matching five of the Free Spins symbol grants you 100x your wager.

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4. Moon Warriors

With its diamond 3x4x5x4x3 reel structure, High 5 Games' Moon Warriors is going for a mystical fiction theme. While the game is going for the minimalist experience in regards to bonus features, Moon Warriors has one of the highest-paying symbols. Matching the five Moon Warriors symbol rewards you with 1,000x your stake.

Moon Warriors' Free Games Bonus will grant you eight free spins. You can extend this mode by matching more Bonus modes during your free spins, which grants you eight more free games. It is possible to extend the Free Games Bonus up to 240 free spins if you are lucky to match plenty of the Bonus symbols.

This game's RTP isn't quite as high at only 94.9% and is a mid-variance slot.

5. Wild Rockets

Wild Rockets by NetEnt is a 720 ways-to-win slot with a 3x4x5x4x3 reels structure as well as an incredible 96.66% return to player rate with mid-high variance. This game's wild symbols have an expanding function where the Rocket symbols can turn symbols above or below them into wild ones.

Scatter symbols in this game are quite generous with 10 free spins for matching three of these. If you manage to get five scatter symbols, you get 200x your stake and 50 free spins to boot.

6. Rock the Reels

Another Megaways cascade reels slot, Rock the Reels from Iron Dog Studio uses dynamic reels that can reach up to 117,649 ways to win. There are four special Animal Band symbols in this game with different functions. One of these is the Warthog that turns random symbols into wilds and another is the Flamingo that turns low-valued symbols into high-valued ones.

Whilst this is a high variance slot game, it also offers a 96.2% return to player rate.

You get the best experience of the cascade reel function upon triggering the free-spins mode. Every win increases a progressive bet multiplier by +1, which can be taken advantage of with the cascade reels' re-spins function.

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7. 8 Golden Skulls of Jolly Roger

8 Golden Skulls of Jolly Roger from Buck Stakes Entertainment is a Megaways slot with a dynamic reel structure and up to 117,649 ways-to-win mechanics. Scatter symbols or the Firepot Skull symbols have one of the highest payouts on the list where matching eight of these can grant you 8,000x your stake. Thanks to the cascade reel mechanic, you have a high probability of matching eight Firepot Skull symbols in one spin.

This is another high variance slot with a very high RTP of 96.86%.

Matching four diamond scatters triggers the Bonus Wheel feature where you can win up to 30 free spins and x1, x2, or x3 multipliers. Getting additional scatters to trigger the mode grants you two free spins for each extra symbol you match.

8. Tiger Moon Slot

With an Asian theme, Aristocrat's Tiger Moon Slot is a 5x3 reel with 243 ways to win as well as a 96.1% RTP with mid-high variance. As the slot's name indicates, the Tiger Scatter symbols are the main attraction here. Matching five of the Tiger symbols will grant you a generous payout of 300x your stake and 24 free spins.

Wild symbols in Tiger Moon Slot only appear on the 2nd and 4th reels, but they have a random multiplier function. Any matches with this symbol on the 2nd reel grant you a 4x multiplier while a match on the 4th reel gives you a 5x multiplier. Making a match with two Wild symbols on the 2nd and 4th reel rewards you with a 20x multiplier.

9. Candy Dreams

Microgaming's Candy Dreams features a 3x4x5x4x3 reels structure with 720 ways-to-win lines with one of the highest RTP rates at 96.82% with mid-high variance. During the free spins mode of the game, having a Gift Box wild symbol on the 3rd reel will place three additional wild symbols across the reels.

Candy Dream's main feature is the Candy Planet Bonus where reveals cash prizes among 20 planets on the screen until you lost all of your life from revealing POP symbols. You can gain life if you find a Heart symbol among the Candy Planet symbols.

10. 7 Sins

Play'n Go's seductive 7 Sins slot uses 5x3 reels with 243 ways-to-win mechanics and has one of the lower RTP rates at 94.23% with high variance. This slot's signature feature is the free spins mode. During each free spin, only one of the high-valued 7 Sins symbols appears on the reels that are stacked. In addition, there is a bet multiplier that increases for each consecutive spin where the 7th free game grants you a 7x multiplier.

During the base game, Double Wild symbols appear on the 2nd and 4th reels that count as two symbols in one reel. If you match two Ace symbols with a Double Wild, for example, the game registers this as matching four Ace symbols. If you are lucky enough to match three wilds and two Double wilds symbols, you get a payout worth 1,400x your stake.

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What are the types of slot? ›

Types of Slots
  • Slot Machines Reels. From classic 3-reelers to standard 5-reel games, and beyond: with so much choice available online it's hard to know where to start. ...
  • 3-Reel Slots. ...
  • 5-Reel Slots. ...
  • 6-Reel Slots. ...
  • 7-Reel Slots. ...
  • Game Types. ...
  • Video Slots. ...
  • Fruit Machines.

What slot has the best chance of winning? ›

Slots that Give you the Best Chance of Winning
GameRTPWhere to Play
Twin Spin Deluxe96.61%Borgata
Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot96.3%Caesars
Gonzo's Quest96%BetMGM
Jungle Jim95.98%BetMGM
6 more rows
19 Oct 2022

How do you not lose at slots? ›

7 Tips on Playing the Slots Without Losing It All
  1. Bet on more reels than just one. ...
  2. Consider spreading out your bets over time. ...
  3. Keep it simple when picking a machine. ...
  4. Pick one type of machine and learn it well. ...
  5. Don't get too caught up in the moment. ...
  6. It's always best to quit while you're ahead.
29 Aug 2022

What are the luckiest slots to play? ›

Top 10 slot machines with the highest RTP in 2021
  • Ugga Bugga 99.07% RTP - Playtech. This curious offering is unlike other slots. ...
  • Mega Joker, 99% RTP - NetEnt. This NetEnt classic is beloved by slots fans. ...
  • Jackpot 6000, RTP 98.8% - Netent. ...
  • Blood Suckers, 98% RTP - NetEnt. ...
  • White Rabbit Megaways, 97.77 RTP - Big Time Gaming.
28 Jan 2021

What are the 3 types of slots? ›

In this picture, there are three different types of expansion slots: PCI Express, PCI, and AGP. PCI Express: The best type of expansion slot to have in your PC is the PCI Express, also written as PCIe.

What are the two types of slot? ›

While traditional slots come with a single horizontal payline at the center, other slots feature multiple combinations of paylines. three-reel slots come with multiple paylines ranging between one and nine.

What is slot explain? ›

noun. a narrow, elongated depression, groove, notch, slit, or aperture, especially a narrow opening for receiving or admitting something, as a coin or a letter. a place or position, as in a sequence or series: The program received a new time slot on the broadcasting schedule.

How do you know when a slot machine is ready to pay? ›

Overall, there is no strategy that will accurately predict when a slot machine will pay out. That is the whole point of slot machines. They were created to be random, and to not allow people to know when they will hit.

Should you max bet on a slot machine? ›

Most of the time, unfortunately, no – there is no benefit to placing a max bet. On most slot machines, the payout ratio for wins will increase equally with the bet you place. If you wager $1 and win $2, a $10 bet would have won $20, just as a $100 bet would have won $200.

How can you tell when a slot is close to hitting? ›

The premise behind the zig-zag strategy is that you should find a slot machine that's resting on results where the winning symbols are showing up on the face of the machine. If they're all on there in a zig-zag pattern, the theory suggests, then it's due to payout.

How can you tell if a slot machine is hot? ›

How to tell if an online slot machine is hot
  1. Looking at a slot's return to player (RTP) percentage. For those hoping for a speedy return on the bulk of their spins, the RTP % of the game is all they need to know. ...
  2. The slot's volatility. ...
  3. Tournaments of slots.
27 May 2022

Why is 7 used in slots? ›

Number 7 and online slots

Due to its associations with good luck and fortune, it's unsurprising that the number seven has infiltrated the world of online slots and casino slot machines.

What is the 5 spin slot method? ›

Put your chosen bankroll into a machine. Make five minimum bets but stop if you win anything at all. If you win anything on the first ten machines, continue until you've tested twenty machines. And keep track of how many machines gave you a taste before you moved on.

What is a must hit slot machine? ›

A must-hit-by jackpot, or mystery jackpot, is one that is guaranteed to hit by a certain point. So, there are two good things about a large jackpot: The jackpot itself is larger. The probability of winning it is greater.

What are slots called? ›

A slot machine (American English), called also fruit machine (British English), the slots (Canadian English), poker machine or "pokies" (slang) (Australian English and New Zealand English) or simply slot (American English), is a casino gambling machine with set of numbers or pictures that after putting money in it and ...

What are the 4 types of expansion slots? ›

Different Kinds of Expansion Slots

There have been several types of expansion slots over the years, including PCI, AGP, AMR, CNR, ISA, EISA, and VESA, but the most popular one used today is PCIe. While some newer computers still have PCI and AGP slots, PCIe has basically replaced all the older technologies.

What is slot example? ›

countable noun. A slot is a narrow opening in a machine or container, for example a hole that you put coins in to make a machine work. He dropped a coin into the slot and dialed. Synonyms: opening, hole, groove, vent More Synonyms of slot.

What is the slot technique? ›

We call it “The Slot Method.” Using this method, when asked to find a probability of a compound event A, we will find the total number of outcomes, n(S), and the total number of successful outcomes n(A) and use slots for each of the number of events (either independent or dependent) that make up the compound event.

What is a Class 2 slot? ›

Class II machines only mimic slots but they have bingo soul: the outcome of the game is determined by the draw of the bingo numbers, which are later translated into slot reel combinations. So, think of it this way – when you place a wager on such devices, you, actually, buy a lottery ticket.

What are slots used for? ›

In computers, a slot, or expansion slot , is an engineered technique for adding capability to a computer in the form of connection pinholes (typically, in the range of 16 to 64 closely-spaced holes) and a place to fit an expansion card containing the circuitry that provides some specialized capability, such as video ...

What are the features of a slot? ›

Slot features are all the key components that make up a slot game. They are designed to make gameplay more exciting and to boost your wins. Think wilds, scatters, jackpot symbols, avalanche reels, free spins rounds, and random triggers. These are just some of the common features that you'll find in most slot machines.

What is expansion slot answer? ›

An expansion slot is a socket on the motherboard that is used to insert an expansion card (or circuit board), which provides additional features to a computer such as video, sound, advanced graphics, Ethernet or memory.

Is there a secret to slot machines? ›

There is no way to win at slots every time. In fact, you may end up losing more often than winning regardless of how you play. Just like with roulette or other games, the house always has an edge. However, playing the most favorable games will give you a better chance at a winning session.

What triggers a jackpot on a slot machine? ›

The most common ways to trigger a jackpot slot include: Randomly on any spin – like in the Mega Moolah slots. If you line up certain symbols on a payline – like the Megajackpots Cleopatra slot.

What time of day do slots hit? ›

Casino games are for entertainment, and their payouts are random, so there's no specific time of the day or week where you'll experience more wins.

Should you play all lines on a slot machine? ›

In general, betting more lines increases your chances of winning more. But that does not mean you should assume that the lines will dictate your odds for winning. Sometimes, people get big payouts even if they don't bet as much. Slot machines are always random no matter how many lines you bet.

How much money should you put in slots? ›

In short, you want to have a larger bankroll than the figure that you ultimately come up with. To be on the safe side, you should have $350 or more instead of just $250. Play Slot Games here, pick your favorite!

Is it better to stop a slot machine or let it go? ›

Is There Any Reason to Stop the Reels? There's no reason that would impact the outcome of your game. In fact, by not stopping the reels and letting a spin (or free games, or whatever animation is going on) do its thing, you're avoiding hitting the bet button as quickly, so you're putting less money at risk.

Should I always play max bet on slots? ›

Is it better to max bet to make money at casino slot machines than to low bets? The maximum bet usually makes more sense, as there is often some sort of bonus to the jackpot if you bet the maximum. Progressive jackpots almost always pay off only when you bet the maximum.

What is the best time of day to win at slots? ›

Casino games are for entertainment, and their payouts are random, so there's no specific time of the day or week where you'll experience more wins. Many gamblers believe in superstitions surrounding luck and winning on certain days at the casino.

How do you know when a slot machine is ready to hit the jackpot? ›

Another actually tells the player to watch the reels on a traditional slot machine for wiggling. Bet a single coin until you see the reels wiggle, then bet the max because the wiggle means a jackpot is coming.

When should I leave slots? ›

A sure sign that it is time to walk away from a specific slot machine is multiple losses. No one is going to give you much of a recommendation in this case. It will be up to you to determine how many losses is enough. If you keep spinning and coming up with losses, it is time to try another machine.


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