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The PS5 is a powerful console that offers plenty of fantastic titles across many genres. The next-gen hardware allows developers to push the limits with new games, and make older ones better in terms of graphics, audio, and overall gameplay.

Many games that have been limited by the processing power of previous generation hardware received PS5 upgrades that made the experience even better. For instance, World War Z on the PS4 already offered satisfying gameplay on the PS4, but it has pushed the limits even further on the PS5 with stable 60 FPS and dynamic 4K resolution.

World War Z is one of the best zombie games for PS5, but there are a couple of other titles with swarms of undead armies and equally satisfying gameplay.

To that end, I’ve compiled a list of the 7 best zombie games for PS5 on the PlayStation store. Ready? Let’s get started.

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The Persistence

The 7 Best Zombie Games for PS5 | DiamondLobby (1)

The Persistence is a game that is bound to keep you engaged from the beginning to the end. It was published by Firesprite Limited first in 2018 for the PlayStation VR and then on the PS4 in 2020. The Enhanced Edition for the PS5 released in 2021 takes the game to another level with ray tracing and immersive haptic feedback.


You are playing as a cloned version of a security officer called Zimri Elder aboard an abandoned spaceship floating in space. Your mission is to restore the spaceship but not without facing swarms of infested clones of the former crew out to kill you.

However, death is not the end in this game. Every time you die, you are quickly reprinted into a new body in a rearranged deck, but the fast loading time of the PS5 makes this seem instant.

Once you’re back into the terrifying maze, you will be once again engaged in immersive combat, with the haptic feedback from the DualSense controller giving each weapon you wield a unique feel.

As you progress, more weapons are unlocked and available for use, giving you brand new ways to kill the undead.

Back 4 Blood

The 7 Best Zombie Games for PS5 | DiamondLobby (2)

If you’ve ever played Left 4 Dead, you immediately find yourself in a familiar environment in Back 4 Blood, but at 4K resolution and running at 60 FPS on the PS5.

The game was published in 2021 by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and it is one of the best zombie games for PS5 out there.

Turtle Rocks Studios brought back the thrilling co-op experience of Left 4 Dead where you enjoy blasting undead brains with friends. You and the other team of three players play as “Cleaners” and your goal is to eradicate the zombies known as the “Ridden”.

The Cleaners are eight playable characters each with a unique but enjoyable personality, strength, and playstyle.

The game is intense from the very beginning. You and your friends have to enter straight into danger as you struggle to save what remains of civilization. As you progress in the campaign, it becomes more challenging to the point where you barely have a chance to put down the controller or risk being attacked by the Ridden.

In case you get tired of killing zombies, you can play as a Ridden with your friends in a PvP (player versus player) mode called “Swarm”. You and three other friends play as Ridden breeds against four Cleaners. This time around, it’s all about how long you can survive.

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Although there is a solo campaign mode of Back 4 Blood, you don’t earn points or make any progress.

The Last Stand: Aftermath

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The Last Stand: Aftermath is a rouge-like action survival game that brings a welcome twist into zombie-themed games. It’s not exactly one of the best roguelikes for the PS5 out there if that’s the main thing for you, but that’s fine because it offers fantastic zombie action. The game was published by Armor Games Studios in 2021.

Most survival games where zombies are the main enemy have a similar premise where you play with the goal of killing as many undead as you can. However, in The Last Stand: Aftermath, you play as an infected player knowing that death is inevitable.

You start as one of the infected characters with only a car and limited weapons as you make your way across the country scavenging for supplies. This is not an easy task as you will be forced to stop and search abandoned houses, basements, and stores for supplies especially gas.

Unfortunately, 95 percent of the city is already infected so it won’t be long before you find yourself surrounded by hordes of the undead looking to finish you off and violently encourage you to sign your “transfer of personality” papers.

While death is inevitable, your goal is to gather enough resources for the remaining 5 percent living in a small colony. Each time you die, you start afresh with a newly generated infected character and continue the task.

In this game, the zombies will rush at you faster than you can kill them with guns, so you should be ready for quite a bit of hand-to-hand combat. For this, you need to have melee weapons such as knives and wrenches available at all times.

There is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the types of zombies though, as they can get pretty repetitive with similar fight patterns and moves.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

The 7 Best Zombie Games for PS5 | DiamondLobby (4)

After much anticipation, Techland released the sequel to the open-world zombie game Dying Light in 2022. The events of Dying Light 2 take place almost 22 years after the first game, but it maintains some of the elements that made the older version successful.

Dying Light 2 combines some of the best elements in a good game such as open-world, amazing combats, dynamic day-night cycles, and of course, zombies.

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Playing as Aiden Caldwell, you will be spending most of your time jumping from one rooftop to another. But with the fantastic parkour movements, this should be an exciting experience.

The day-night cycles influence overall gameplay. During the day, the zombies are often hiding because of the sunlight but you’ll have to deal with bandits scavenging for food during the day. Don’t expect much fun fighting with the people, however.

At night, blood-thirsty zombies will flood the streets and every corner. You will be doing most of the killings with melee weapons such as bats, machetes, and axes. It can be very draining, so it may be worth checking out guides that’ll help you move through the game with less frustration, such as this one on how to increase stamina in Dying Light 2.

Also, you’ve been infected, so you must stay close to a building with UV rays or risk turning into one of the zombies you’re trying to kill. You must be deliberate with everything you do in this game because each action has consequences.

Perhaps Techland could have done better with the story of Dying Light 2, and there is the issue of a bug here and there too. However, it is still one of the best zombie games for the PS5, based purely on how enjoyable it can be.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

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When you bring an army of undead Nazis with the ability to handle deadly weapons like the flamethrowers and machine guns, what you produce is Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Building on the existing success of the Zombie Army Trilogy, Rebellion Developments released a sequel in 2020 for the PS4. In 2021, Zombie Army 4: Dead War got a PS5 upgrade giving it a dynamic 4K resolution and a smooth 60 FPS.

If you’ve ever played the previous games by Rebellion Developments, you will understand why the undead in Zombie Army 4: Dead War are more terrifying. The game was set at the end of World War II and the zombies are legions of undead soldiers invoked by Hitler.

You can either play solo or with a team of up to four players. But get ready as the army of the undead comes for you with flamethrowers, chainsaws, heavy machine guns, and hellish vehicles without mercy.

To be fair, you have your own fair share of weapons too, including a fun set of sniper guns that offer enough rewarding, deadly force to make this one of the best sniper games for the PS5, even though it’s not specifically targeting that category.

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The 7 Best Zombie Games for PS5 | DiamondLobby (6)

Dysmantle was published by 10Tons in 2021. Although it is not one of the regular zombie shooting zombie games where you blow the undead into smithereens, it is a ridiculously addictive post-apocalyptic survival game.

The plot is that you are a character coming out from your shelter after many years into a new world now inhabited by blood-thirsty creatures. Your only weapon is a crowbar and your chance of survival depends on your creativity as you find your way around the massive open world.

In case you’re wondering what inspired the title of this game, my guess is that it is because almost everything in this game can be broken for materials with the right equipment. Think of it as a mix of Minecraft and zombie-based horror, with the lovely 4K resolution at 60 FPS support of the PS5.

The game gives you the creative freedom to do whatever you want, but the map is littered with zombies that will try to kill you at every chance.

I should point out that you may not find this game enjoyable if you only prefer shooting and smacking zombies. But you never can tell. Dysmantle can draw you in with its simple yet addictive activities. This, in my opinion, is enough to earn it a spot among the best zombie games for PS5.

World War Z: Aftermath

The 7 Best Zombie Games for PS5 | DiamondLobby (7)

I genuinely believe that no list of the best PS5 zombie games would be complete without adding World War Z: Aftermath to it. The game was first published in 2019 for PS4 by Saber Interactive as an adaptation of the 2013 movie with the same title starring Brad Pitt.

World War Z: Aftermath is an upgrade of the first game for the PS5 with several game-changing improvements. For instance, the 4K resolution and 60 FPS on the PS5 bring a noticeable difference and make it feel like an entirely new game.

Another noticeable improvement is the lighting and the number of zombies that can appear on the screen at the same time. Saber Interactive also added a first-person perspective which helps you experience the game in a whole new way.

However, appearance is not the only thing that improved in World War Z: Aftermath. You also get to enjoy slaying the undead alone or with three of your friends in two new locations: Rome and the freezing clime of Kamchatka in Russia.

The game is fast-paced with intense action that you dare not put down the controller – much like the movie. Zombies are constantly rushing toward you from every angle and you must be alert at all times if you want to survive.

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There are also new enemies to fight. In Aftermath Surprisingly, the new enemies are a pack of rats. Just as they are destructive in your homes, they are out to cause havoc in this game.

Finally, you will also notice a subtle difference in melee combat. New melee weapons have been added and they inflict varying damage depending on the type you use.


What is the number 1 zombie game? ›

If you're looking for the ultimate zombie survival experience, The Last of Us is by far the best you're going to get.
The best zombie games are...
  1. The Last of Us.
  2. Resident Evil HD Remaster. ...
  3. Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. ...
  4. Resident Evil 2 (2019 remake) ...
  5. State of Decay 2. ...
  6. Death Road to Canada. ...
21 Jul 2022

Which game is No 1 in the world? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.Overwatch 1 & 2Blizzard Entertainment
2.The Sims 4Electronic Arts
3.ROBLOXRoblox Corporation
4.MinecraftMojang Studios
16 more rows

What is the longest zombies game ever? ›

One dedicated COD Zombies player sets a new World Record for Nacht Der Untoten, reaching Round 255 after 300 hours of gameplay. It's been 13 years since Nacht Der Untoten launched with Call of Duty: World at War.

Which zombie map is hardest? ›

TranZit is not only one of the hardest Zombies maps, but it's an awful map to boot. Everything that TranZit does exists to be inconvenient. The fog, fire, and Denizens make it incredibly hard to move around the map without the use of the bus.

What zombie game is open-world? ›

Night of The Dead is similar to DayZ, an open-world zombie game that relies upon you crafting defenses against wave after wave of zombies. They're coming for you every single night, so you'll need to constantly up your defenses and find a way to escape the island in the meantime.

What is the hardest zombie survival game? ›

7 Best and Hardest Zombie Games
  • The Last of Us. The Last of Us becomes one of the exclusive games on PlayStation 3 which developed by. ...
  • State of Decay. ...
  • Resident Evil 1. ...
  • Dying Light: The Following. ...
  • Left 4 Dead 2. ...
  • Plants vs Zombies. ...
  • Dead Island.

Who was in zombies? ›

Zombies (2018 film)
StarringMilo Manheim Meg Donnelly Trevor Tordjman Kylee Russell Carla Jeffery James Godfrey
ComposerGeorge S. Clinton
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
19 more rows

Are there zombies in Roblox? ›

Zombies are a popular type of character/NPC on Roblox. Although their appearance may vary from game to game, they represent zombies in general.

What is the oldest zombie game in Roblox? ›

With more than 662 million visits and more than 4 million favorites since its inception in 2013 (per Roblox), Zombie Rush is one of Roblox's oldest and most durable zombie-themed games.

What is the biggest game right now? ›

Call of Duty: Warzone (Modern Warfare) Minecraft. Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto V.

Who is the Top 10 games? ›

The 10 best games 2022 as reviewed and rated by us
  • Elden Ring review: a majestic masterpiece ...
  • Hades review: tough as hell but heavenly to play. ...
  • Deathloop. ...
  • Halo Infinite review: the best since the original trilogy. ...
  • Forza Horizon 5 Review. ...
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. ...
  • Metroid Dread. ...
  • Psychonauts 2.

What is the number 1 game in China? ›


It becomes the most popular game in China, Asia, and Korea, as well as a most played game by player count with 660 million people, is active users worldwide.

What is the strongest weapon in zombies? ›

The OTs 9 is the most powerful submachine gun for Zombies, especially if you want a submachine gun that can tear through the hordes in later rounds.

Who is the first zombie man? ›

This case puzzled many doctors because Narcisse's death was documented and verified by the testimonies of two American doctors. The case of Narcisse was argued to be the first verifiable example of the transformation of an individual into a zombie.

Who are the 4 main zombie characters? ›

The four original characters, namely Takeo Masaki, Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey and Nikolai Belinski, are playable.

What's the highest level in Zombies? ›

The current record for the world's highest round in Zombies is round 255.

Can you beat cod zombies? ›

At its heart, Zombies is a horde mode, with players having to survive endless waves of the hungry undead. Each round of zombies you survive is followed by another round that's slightly harder. There's no end to the mode, unless you happen to know what you're doing.

What is the best wonder weapon in Zombies? ›

Call Of Duty Zombies: The 10 Best Wonder Weapons, Ranked
  • 8/10 Lightning Bow.
  • 7/10 Alistair's Annihilator.
  • 6/10 Hand Of Charon.
  • 5/10 Sliquifier.
  • 4/10 Thundergun.
  • 3/10 Ice Staff.
  • 2/10 31-79 JGb215.
  • 1/10 Apothicon Servant.
6 Dec 2020

What is the most liked zombie map? ›

Call of Duty Black Ops: 20 Best Zombies Maps In The Series,...
  • 8/20 Shangri La.
  • 7/20 Shadows Of Evil.
  • 6/20 Der Eisendrache.
  • 5/20 Outbreak.
  • 4/20 Der Riese.
  • 3/20 Origins.
  • 2/20 Mob Of The Dead.
  • 1/20 Kino Der Toten.
20 Sept 2022

What is the best Zombies map ever? ›

Der Riese was the fourth and final Zombies map to be released for Call of Duty: World at War, but it remains the game's best.

What is the best zombie armor? ›

The two best choices available to most people are jackets made of leather or canvas, as both materials are fairly resistant against zombie bites.

Are zombies afraid of water? ›

Several sources cite zombie aversion to water as a primary defensive strategy when dealing with zombie attacks.

What kills a zombie? ›

Nearly all zombie survivalists are in agreement that the destruction of the brain is the only surefire way to neutralize the zombie (though a few rare types of zombies require complete dismemberment).

Do zombies run fast? ›

Zombies were slow; they were either voodoo reincarnates or re-animated; speed was not a factor in their existence. You could count on zombies for slow-speed chases, brain eating, general nuisance - they were consistent. The great director, George Romero, essentially created the rules for the the Zombie Apocalypse.

What is the next zombie game? ›

That means that there's likely more than a handful of upcoming zombie games to look forward to at any given time.
7/8 Dead Island 2.
DeveloperPlatformsRelease Date
Dambuster StudiosPS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PCFebruary 3rd, 2023
2 Oct 2022

What is the hardest survival game? ›

1/15 Escape From Tarkov
  • project zomboid.
  • Stranded Deep.
  • Green Hell.
  • 7 Days to Die.
  • This War of Mine.
  • Don't Starve.
  • Rust.
  • Escape from Tarkov.
23 Oct 2022

Is Ark for free? ›

ARK: Survival Evolved can be obtained for free on Steam.

Should zombies be fast or slow? ›

Fast zombies are much weaker than slow zombies since although they feel no pain only a few bullets would be needed to kill while slow zombies are invincible until their brains are destroyed. Typically, the fast zombie transformation period is very fast; in 28 Days Later, it can be mere seconds.

How many blocks can a zombie survive without dying? ›

Skeletons, zombies, and creepers all have 20 points of health, and need a fall of 22 blocks. Witches are the strongest with 28 points of health, requiring a fall of 30 blocks to reduce to them one point of health.

What's the easiest Cold War zombies? ›

1. Easiest – Outbreak 2, Operation Excision. The second Outbreak Easter Egg in Cold War is definitely the easiest.

Is zombies 1 kid friendly? ›

Zombies is a great movies for kids and adults to watch together. Its message (like the message of its sequel, Zombies 2) is one of inclusion, diversity and standing up for what is right.

Are the zombies still alive? ›

They are called undead because they are not technically living however they're not dead either. They don't have a heartbeat which would say they're dead.

How old is Zed from zombies? ›

Milo Manheim (born March 6, 2001) is an American actor. He is known for his starring role as Zed in the 2018 Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies, and its sequels Zombies 2 (2020) and Zombies 3 (2022).

Can zombies open locked doors? ›

Zombie cannot open doors, but they can bash through them, breaking the door permanently. Much like windows, a door can be barricaded using a hammer and nails, granting carpentry experience and making them harder to breach.

Who is Jeff the killer in Roblox? ›

Jeff the Killer is a killer in Area 51. It is likely the weakest killer in Area 51, and arguably the most famous as well. It spawns in the Cargo Area, the location of the SVD. Pinhead also spawns nearby.

Who is the villain of Roblox? ›

The Evil Robloxian is the main antagonist of the Roblox game Roblox Quest 1: The Evil Robloxian. The Evil Robloxian is a dark evil figure that stole power stars from Blox Town and is using them to do his own dirty work.

How old is Roblox noob? ›

Roblox noob skin

This is the default Roblox avatar from 2006, when the game first launched.

What was the 1st Roblox game? ›

Rocket Arena, as the first Roblox game ever, amassed almost 2 million visits before an update broke it. In 2015, the in-game tools stopped functioning properly and the game basically became unplayable. In 2017, the developers officially shut down Rocket Arena and it is unlikely that we'll ever see it back.

Who is the zombie killer in Roblox? ›

Captain Zombie is an uncommon killer to come by in Area 51, he behaves in a way similar to that of Jason Voorhees and Leatherface. He is armed with a large penetrating Overseer Sword, which can kill players easily. He is fairly dangerous creature.

What was the zombies first hit? ›

After winning a beat-group competition sponsored by the London Evening News, they signed a recording contract with Decca and recorded their first hit, "She's Not There". It was released in mid-1964 and peaked at number 12 in the UK, becoming their only UK Top 40 hit.

What zombie map is best? ›

Der Riese was the fourth and final Zombies map to be released for Call of Duty: World at War, but it remains the game's best.

What is the hardest Zombies map ever? ›

TranZit is not only one of the hardest Zombies maps, but it's an awful map to boot. Everything that TranZit does exists to be inconvenient. The fog, fire, and Denizens make it incredibly hard to move around the map without the use of the bus.

Who was the 1st zombie? ›

Night was the first of six films in Romero's Living Dead series.
George A. Romero (1968–1985)
First appearanceNight of the Living Dead (1968)
Created byGeorge Romero
In-universe information
Alias"Romero zombie"
2 more rows

Who is currently in the zombies? ›

Led by founding members, vocalist Colin Blunstone and keyboardist Rod Argent, The Zombies' 21st-Century line-up features Steve Rodford on drums, renowned session guitarist Tom Toomey, and the newest member, Søren Koch, who joined the band following the untimely passing of their beloved bassist Jim Rodford (formerly of ...

What is the longest survival game? ›

With all of this in mind, the following are the most tenured game franchises of all time.
  • Mario: 39 years, 3 months. ...
  • Space Invaders: 40 years, 4 months. ...
  • Game & Watch: 41 years, 7 months. ...
  • Frogger: 41 years, 5 months. ...
  • Pac-Man: 41 years, 7 months. ...
  • The Oregon Trail: 46 years. ...
  • Pong: 47 years, 5 months.
20 Jun 2022

What zombie map has a robot? ›

The Giant Robots are an enemy in the Zombies map Origins.

Which cod has all the zombie maps? ›

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Edition includes the full base game and the Zombies Chronicles content expansion.


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