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This quiz has not been published by Sporcle

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(Video) Henry Stickman Collection but I make horrible choices

Can you name all the options in The Henry Stickmin Collection?

By AntiUser

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Mar 6, 2023

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  • This quiz consists of the options from the prologue (Breaking the Bank) and the first four episodes (Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship, and Fleeing the Complex) of The Henry Stickmin Collection.
(Video) Henry Stickmin but ONLY BAD CHOICES! (Funniest Fails)

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(Video) The Henry Stickmin Collection - All Scenes All Endings All fails Full Gameplay | Funnest Game Ever

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Breaking the Bank
Never dig straight down. (F)
Handle with care. (F)
I'm sure it will get better! (F)
Open sesame. (F)
There's no construction scheduled for today. (F)
N/A (C)
Escaping the Prison
N/A (C)
NRG - Side effects include: Nausea, Headaches, Rapid Heartrate and possibilities of Stroke and/or Heart Attack Hmm... Well that's good to know. (F)
You just can't seem to get the hang of that thing can you? (F)
Uh... Way to aim buddy... (F)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
Protip: Look before you leap. (F)
You've got the reflexes of the statue... Hint: You can defend yourself by tapping the alert. (F)
N/A (C)
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you! There's another guard coming! (F)
N/A (C)
Uhh... I don't even know what to say about that one... (F)
N/A (C)
Fatty. (F)
N/A (C)
This seems awfully familiar... (F)
I think that was just a regular backpack. See what happens when you assume? (F)
N/A (C)
It takes many hours of Jetpack training before you're able to operate one. (F)
What kind of third-rate lawyer did you hire? (F)
N/A (C)
You'd think something like that would come up in the Beta Testing. (F)
N/A (C)
Try dodging the bullets, n00b! (F)
Don't worry. I hear prison dentists are great! (F)
N/A (C)
It's always a good idea to watch where you're going. Especially if you're running away from the cops... (F)
lol Brawl reference! :D (F)
N/A (C)
Come on! You were so close! (F)
N/A (C)
Stealing the Diamond
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
Wow, you're off to a great start... (F)
Well, you got ONE of the guards. (F)
N/A (C)
Jumping off a speeding vehicle may not be the best idea... (F)
Good thing the janitors just got done buffing the floors. Could you imagine all the germs you'd be rolling in right now if they hadn't? (F)
Jousting. It's harder than it looks. (F)
N/A (C)
Stop hanging around and do something! Heh heh... Get it? Ok I'll stop. (F)
C'mon! You don't have time to just stand around! (F)
N/A (C)
Ah, torque. I bet you wish you paid more attention in physics class now, huh? (F)
I can see all those hours of playing video games have really sharpened your reflexes! Oh wait... (F)
Didn't really think that one through did ya? (F)
N/A (C)
BOOM! Headshot. (F)
N/A (C)
I always wondered how those things work. (F)
Dude, do something! (F)
N/A (C)
I don't think you're gonna get very far that way. (F)
Strange... That usually works. (F)
Sweet flip, bro! (F)
You're lucky! I've always wanted to go to space! (F)
N/A (C)
Man, worms are so much vicious up close! (F)
N/A (C)
What'd you think was going to happen? (F)
N/A (C)
Whoa! What are the odds of that?? (F)
Only one man is capable of that punch. (F)
What happened? I lost track of you. (F)
Did you really think that was going to work? (F)
N/A (C)
I'm surprised you weren't able to get down there with that amazing portal technology. It's pretty strange how those portal guns work. I mean it combines the top scientific processes of our time. The portal gun contains a flux quantum generator which propels energy blasts with energy values of 4.23 GW with an average speed of approximately 25 m/s. This speed is the most effective because it allows energy to be conserved while still maintaining a speed that is appropriate...etc. (F)
U GET CUT! Y U NO BLEED?! ˙ʇᴉ pǝzᴉɹǝʇnɐɔ ɹǝsɐl ǝɥꓕ :∀ (F)
N/A (C)
You almost saved it. Almost. (F)
Wha-w... Why...? ....Seriously? (F)
N/A (C)
I told you man. I TOLD you about stairs! (F)
N/A (C)
Man, those first person shooters make it look so easy. (F)
I'm surprised you made it that far with that heavy diamond. (F)
This conversation can't be THAT interesting. (F)
N/A (C)
Quick! Pretend you were joking! ...Good one, right guys? (F)
Why would they keep live bombs in a museum? (F)
Hm. Must be a light sleeper. (F)
N/A (C)
Looks like they don't take kindly to orders. (F)
Man, I HATE it when that happens! (F)
01100110 01100101 01100001 01110010 00100000 01101101 01101001 01110011 01110011 01101001 01101110 01100111 01101110 01101111 (F)
N/A (C)
Sorry, I was in the bathroom. What'd I mi- Where'd... Where is everyone? (F)
Don't feel too bad. He probably camped for the 25 kills he needed to get that nuke. (F)
N/A (C)
I couldn't resist. (F)
Infiltrating the Airship
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
You know when they blow stuff up and say 'TAKE COVER!!'? That's why.. (F)
They probably would have let you in if you had Girl Scout cookies with you. (F)
I can't stand acid either. (F)
N/A (C)
Oh congratulations! Happy Father's Day! (F)
N/A (C)
You went to the 1st Dimension. It's ok just flip the switch up to get back to.. Oh right... (F)
Targetting system must be a little off. (F)
So wait... Does 'Up' increase gravity or does it lift you up in the air? (F)
N/A (C)
Hey look! Charles is here! (F)
N/A (C)
Controlling another person is harder than it looks, ok?? (F)
Wow he didn't even hit the door.. (F)
Woops, wrong subroutine. (F)
This isn't a good time Charles.. But still, that sounds crazy! (F)
N/A (C)
'You missed! How could you miss he was three feet in front of you!' (F)
I think you put too much energy into it that time. (F)
N/A (N/A)
Let's hope the landing gear still has power. (F)
N/A (C)
Good hustle. (F)
Wow, that was bright. (F)
You snooze you lose. Or I guess in this case you... Don't snooze you.. lose? (F)
Dun dun dun dun OOoohhhhh BANANA! Dun dun dun dun (F)
N/A (C)
Newton's third law: one force is actually two forces, and they, uh, are the same but they're also different. Yeahh...something like that. (F)
N/A (C)
Yunno, I really expected you to go faster with those thrusters. (F)
Whoa! That thing was COAL-ossal! (F)
N/A (C)
I see you went with a defensive move. Good choice. (F)Gotta go fast! (oh by the way there's a ramp to the door.) (F)
Gotta go fast! (oh by the way there's a ramp to the door.) (F)
Ok! No more quick time events. (How's your head, by the way?) (F)
I think it would've been cooler if you turned into a rhino. (F)
N/A (C)
Some are not mentally prepared enough for alternate dimensions. (F)
“You're a bender, Harry.” —Gandalf (F)
N/A (C)
You forgot to wear the harness didn't you? (F)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
Out of all those options you chose Fight? How boring. (F)
I thought for sure that would've done it. (F)
N/A (C)
Gee, that.. BackFIREd. (10/10 jokes here folks) (F)
What did you expect hitting him with a yo-yo would do? (F)
I’d be crying if you flashed me too. (F)
N/A (C)
“The best offense is a good defense.” -Somebody Unsuccessful (F)
N/A (C)
JetBoots production notes: find lighter material to construct boots out of (F)
BeefUp! See results in up to eight seconds! (F)
Butterfingers. (F)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
On second thought that might not have been such a good idea.. (F)
Remind me to never shake your hand. (F)
I think it said do NOT shake well. (F)
N/A (C)
Should've used the remote bombs. (F)
N/A (C)
Could've sworn that was an elevator. (F)
...Just one more turn? (F)
N/A (C)
Well I'd better get going. Have fun here by yourself! (F)
That really grinds my gears. ROFL (F)
Why did you draw a Nutshot Crawler? (F)
...Rolled a 1... (F)
Watt are you doing? That's quite shocking! I'm glad I'm not in your current situation. I bet you can't wait to go Ohm. (F)
N/A (C)
You look like an idiot... (F)
Take care of your bird! Err.... Claw. (F)
N/A (C)
I think you pulled the wrong trigger. That one launches. (F)
..What exactly was your plan there? (F)
N/A (C)
Hank Hill Quote ...Tell ya h-what. (F)
Maybe a spoonful of sugar will make you feel better. (F)
We'll take our problems and PUSH them somewhere else! (F)
N/A (F)
error: stack overflow System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file C:\Program Files\HL3\GABEN.dll Dump cache; (F)
N/A (C)
Fleeing the Complex
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
Pretty convincing there. (F)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
Too bad you didn't know how to play, like, an Ocarina or something. (F)
Did you really need all that? (No loot left behind!) (F)
N/A (C)
Bet you thought that was just a spear. (F)
The longshot only hooks on to wood things. Luckily you hit one! (F)
Come to think of it those boingers are kinda loud. (F)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
Lunchtime already fellas? (F)
Did... did you just bungee jump with a plain rope? (F)
N/A (C)
Oh. That pipe wasn't very sturdy. (Fatso..) (F)
aeiou (F)
Hey at least you weren't found! (F)
N/A (C)
Now you're but a shadow of your former self. (F)
Did you think none of the crew would notice an unscheduled departure? (F)
N/A (C)
I think you mixed up the staging process a bit. (F)
I... Wh... I just.. Whaat. (F)
N/A (C)
Did you really need to be so extravagant? (F)
I don't see how being taller was supposed to help there. (F)
That's about the teamwork I expected. (F)
N/A (C)
Newton's 6th Law. Use the gravity knob to reset gravity to the default setting. (F)
If he goes down he's taking you with him! (F)
Electricity + Grenade = Crazy Explosion apparently. (F)
> Let's see that in an instant replay. < (Sound Warning) (F)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
Looks like they bought your disguises. (F)
What is that guy a detective or something? (F)
I guess they do look pretty similar. I see how you could get them mixed up... (F)
N/A (C)
Whoa whoa whoa! You can't go mixing fighting game references like that! (F)
Looks like you needed one of these [Stick figure acting as a stop/go] (F)
Didn't your mother tell you not to get into vans with strangers? I guess this is a truck. (F)
N/A (C)
Notice that timer? Now you know exactly how much time you have before your terrible reflexes are revealed. (F)
2 fast 4 you (F)
N/A (C)
Oh, you managed to find a cell on your own! What a responsible prisoner. (F)
Yunno, I don't think this guy knows what he's saying. (F)
Your hands are still covered up you know? Can you even shot web? (F)
Cheaters never prosper. (F)
N/A (C)
That wasn't scary... (F)
N/A (C)
Gee, TANKS a lot. (F)
This one weird trick will make you SUPER BUFF! Weightlifters HATE him! (F)
N/A (C)
Those guys need to CHILL. (F)
Not even close, baby. (F)
Eyes on the road, man! (F)
You should've followed up with a tether from your wrist strapped grapple hook. What do you mean you don't have one of those... (F)
N/A (C)
This place seems familiar. (F)
Airbags save lives. (F)
Maximum security? What an honor! (F)
N/A (C)
gg no re (F)
That hurt my ears! >:C (F)
N/A (C)
What, you don't like your new friends? (F)
How curious. (F)
N/A (C)
N/A (C)
He spent three years undercover... What a waste. (F)
Oh, did they forget to hand out your gas mask beforehand? (F)
N/A (C)
This seems like a good place to keep a medal. Click HERE for a medal. (F)
N/A (C)
Well you see, because of entropy the... uh... Alright I can't BS my way through this one. (F)
Perfect! Now you won't get hurt.👨(F)
You were doing so well! (F)
N/A (C)
Friendly Fire: ON (F)
N/A (C)
Not again! You should know better! (F)
Well that went about as poorly as it could've. (F)
N/A (C)
There goes your ride. (F)
Report Charles, bad teammate. (F)
(Video) The Henry Stickmin Collection - Full Game Walkthrough [All Achievements]


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