NBA 2K23 Pre Order Bonus: How To Claim & Where To Use It (2023)

How to claim and put your pre-order kickstart to work.

NBA 2K23 Pre Order Bonus: How To Claim & Where To Use It (1)

BY Parker Johnson ON September 9, 2022

Released on September 9,NBA 2K23is the latest entry in the storiedNBA2Kfranchise. The premier NBA simulation game has many popular modes. These include MyCareer, MyTeam, and the returning fan-favorite Jordan Challenge.

The2KFranchise commonly has pre-order bonuses, and this year’s entry is no different. These bonuses range from MyTeam points to the game’s main source of currency, Virtual Currency (VC). Here is how to claim your bonuses, and the best ways to use them.

How to Claim NBA 2K23 Pre-Order Bonuses

How you claim your pre-order bonuses forNBA 2K23will depend on your format. If you buy digital, the claiming process is easy. Simply log in to (or create) your NBA 2K account when you log in and connect to the game’s servers. Then, the rewards should appear within 24 hours.

For physical versions of the game, the process will be a little bit more involved. This process may vary across retailers. However, for the most part, you will have a code in your email for your bonus content. If it isn’t there, check your form of receipt if it was picked up in store. In nearly all cases, your bonus content will be waiting in code form in one of these locations.

NBA 2K23 Pre-Order Content: MyCareer

NBA 2K23 Pre Order Bonus: How To Claim & Where To Use It (2)

Most of the new content that comes as a pre-order bonus will be geared towards MyCareer players. The Devin Booker MyPlayer jersey is one of the main parts of this pre-order package. No stat bonuses come with this jersey, so sporting it is only a matter of whether you’re a Devin Booker fan or not.

On the other hand, two other big bonuses are available for MyCareer players. One of these is a stat boost for every MyCareer skill type. In addition to these boosts, there are additional Gatorade boosts in store for players. These are great ways to get ahead in MyCareer. These boosts are probably best used in early career games to accelerate performance to earn more VC. This VC can be spent to upgrade your MyPlayer, so faster growth will be a huge help.

MyTeam Bonuses: NBA 2K23 Pre-Order

NBA 2K23 Pre Order Bonus: How To Claim & Where To Use It (3)

The other half ofthe new 2K game’s pre-order bonuses is MyTeam. First of these bonuses is 5,000 MyTeam points. Unfortunately, these points don’t get you far in the MyTeam economy. It is, at least, a welcome start to a pile of points.

Next is 10 MyTeam promo packs. These packs contain useful player cards and consumables. One thing to note, though, is that these packs are delivered once a week, across the first 10 weeks of the game’s lifespan. These are still useful packs, but don’t expect these to give you an immediate edge. In addition to these packs, you also get a 95-rated Devin Booker Free Agent card. This can be used to give you an immediate advantage, but be aware that you can only use him for five games.

The final pre-order bonus is 5,000 VC. The Virtual Currency can be used across any mode. Use this in whichever mode that you feel you put the most time into!

While the game hasn’t been out long,NBA 2K23has gotten positive reception compared to its predecessors. Some well-recieved changes are giving some fans revived interest in the franchise. Even if you weren’t one who pre-ordered, NBA 2K23is now available for purchase on all current and last-gen platforms.

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