GameKnot related, Added time for your opponent in blitz lately,or time taken away? (2023)

02-Jan-16, 11:19

GameKnot related, Added time for your opponent in blitz lately,or time taken away? (1) Added time for your opponent in blitz lately,or time taken away?

I just want to see if the problem is just happening for me,or is it plenty of other blitz players on GK?I'd say,for the last few days(but not prior),I have been observing time being added to my opponents side(up to a full minute) in a 5 minute game and my 5 minute games are fixed with no increment.Now,this has never happened before in all the years I have been playing in the GK blitz room.I did write GK about the matter and got this response:

Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter. What you are describing happens due to the
so-called "lag". Because it takes time for the information to be sent from your computer to the
GameKnot servers, and then to your opponent's computer, it might appear that the time is being
"lost". Sometimes the lag can be as bad as several seconds, or even up to a minute on a bad
cellphone connection. We try to automatically compensate for any measured lag, but we only credit up
to 1 second per move, as otherwise this can be easily abused in someone's favor. The lag is
completely out of our control, as it happens in transit between GameKnot servers and the user's
computer, and not something that we can fix from our end. It is a common problem for internet games
in general. Please refer to the following Wikipedia article for more information:

Thank you for choosing GameKnot as your premier online chess battleground!

Best regards,

I am not fully convinced that the problem is anywhere on my side and I am not using a phone,just my usual PC.My internet connections have been checked and are strong.I still think it is a problem on GK side somehow.I am no computer expert,but I will not automatically believe a GK message sent to me and consider that written in stone as truth.

I would say,ok,if i'm the only one having this issue....however,I know of 2 others who also complained to me that time was being taken away from them and somehow added to their opponent.Illusion?I do not think so,for I have been keeping an eye on my clock very closely and when it says.....1 min,15 seconds left(example) and then I move immediately and then the next clock time left on my side is like 50 seconds left and my opponent suddenly has more time than me,and had LESS time a few seconds prior....something is definitely wrong.I have lost a few games due to this clock issue.

So,anyone else encounter a clock issue lately in the blitz room?Again,this has never happened to me before,and I have been on GK a lot longer than my profile states playing for years in the blitz room...always with ZERO INCREMENT on both min and max time controls and either 3 or 5 minute games.

02-Jan-16, 12:01deeper_insight
02-Jan-16, 12:03

GameKnot related, Added time for your opponent in blitz lately,or time taken away? (3)

The other thing is that I know that I move like greased lightning.I know for a fact that I am moving faster than my opponent.So,no way can my opponent suddenly have a full additional minute on me half way through the game and then I find myself suddenly struggling to finish the game without timing-out.In my club,I stress all kinds of blitz techniques,including my professional mouse to move faster than my opponent.I have played blitz for 40 years and simply know by experience that there is NO WAY my opponent could suddenly have 45-60 seconds more than me in that 5 minute game,lag or no lag.When I find myself losing on time to a 900 rated and i'm actually a 2500 rated blitz player(rated from another site) that moves at rocket speeds and then I must suffer because my GK clock suddenly is lowered from 2 minutes to 1:30 after my split second move I just made....something is dead wrong,period.Does it happen in all of my games?I do not think so,but it is happening quite frequently. deeper_insight
02-Jan-16, 13:28

GameKnot related, Added time for your opponent in blitz lately,or time taken away? (4)

Another thing I noticed is that,for example:My clock has stopped because I just made a move and my opponent is now pondering his move.This is normal,of course.So,I look at my side and my clock and it says for example, 1:45 minutes are left..Then,my opponent makes his move and now I look IMMEDIATELY at my clock again as it begins to count down the seconds,and it now shows....50 seconds left on my side,only 1 second later!And it was just at 1:45 minutes left!Ridiculous!No wonder I have found myself struggling to keep afloat in the blitz room when I know what my normal performance level is at.I guess until this matter is solved,I must stay out of the blitz room!That will probably make a few of my blitz opponents happy anyway!Ha ha!

GameKnot related, Added time for your opponent in blitz lately,or time taken away? (5)
02-Jan-16, 23:45

GameKnot related, Added time for your opponent in blitz lately,or time taken away? (6)

It's interesting how it started from the clock jumping from 1:15 to 0:50, then it was 1:30 to 0:50, and now it's 1:45 jumping to 0:50. Let's assume the first example you presented was the correct one. The thing is, when you make/submit your move and the time stops on your screen, it doesn't mean the server gets the data instantaneously. Most of the time, it's just a fraction of a second. But it can be as bad as dozens of seconds, or even more than a minute. After you make a move, the data has to travel to the server, which takes time, and then it travels back to your computer (double for round-trip). All this time in transit is subtracted from your clock, as the server can't reliably tell if you were thinking for 9 seconds and then it took 1 second for your move to get to the server, or it was 5 seconds of thinking and 5 seconds in transit. As far as the server is concerned, it took 10 seconds total for it to get your move in either case. We do try to compensate for any measured/estimated lag, but because it is easy to fake (i.e. cheat), we only compensate up to 1 second per move. Back to your example, if the time "jumped" from 1:15 to 0:50, that means the average lag for you at that moment was around 12.5 seconds, or 25 seconds round trip. It is not that uncommon for the lag to be in double digits. For example, according to the Blitz servers stats right now there are 2 players online with the average lag of more than 20 seconds. deeper_insight
03-Jan-16, 05:36

GameKnot related, Added time for your opponent in blitz lately,or time taken away? (7)

Thanks,Gk.Those time factors above were just examples.I am not sure exactly the amount of time lost or gained on both sides as I look at the screen.However,my opponent "appeared to gain"around a full minute sometimes and I lost about that amount of time(approx)in some cases,but not all.Either way,I have not experienced this before.Yes,a few seconds here and there,no acceptable to me.But a minute or close to a minute is not.I will investigate further.Interesting to note that this has not occurred on two other blitz sites that I play on.That is why I suggested something from your direction,right or wrong.

Your explanation above makes sense,but not entirely.I see the logic in what you say but this clock change is fluctuating with both myself and my opponent utilizing fast repetitive response time,one move after the other.All the times I have played,I have not waited for a move,nor has my opponent delayed more than 10 seconds or so to move that I can observe.During that fast repetitive movement,my clock suddenly develops a large amount of less time and my opponent much more time.I cannot simply agree to the full explanations of a loss of a full minute in many games,with what appears to be fast response time on both sides in a few seconds or 1 or 2 seconds.

Oh well,again,thanks for the explanation GK,but I won''t be playing blitz again here until this matter is cleared up.Perhaps it will be ok in a week or two in some mysterious way.

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