CPU Tier List (Updated Oct 2022) #1 Ultimate Guide (2023)

Intel and AMD both are giving each other a good competition time by releasing powerful gaming and workstation processors every year. Here you need to know that there is a difference between gaming and workstation processors, and they can’t be used in replacement of each other in a fair competition. You might know that the CPU is the major and necessary component of every gaming PC, and we can’t and shouldn’t compromise on it. In this CPU hierarchy, we have divided the top known processors according to their price and performance, and I’m sure you will find this CPU tier list helpful while buying or searching for a guide to a new processor.

CPU Tier List (Updated Oct 2022) #1 Ultimate Guide (1)

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Knowing the requirements helps in buying process of computer hardware very easily, but if you don’t, then it may be difficult and confusing. Also, you have to check a couple of factors in the processor, as not every CPU performs the same in games and other heavy applications. There was a simple time when I saw there is hyper-threading in core i3 and core i7 only but now the grounds are changed and even I get confused at pointing out the number of core threads of a desktop processor.

In this cpu tier list, you will find the performance of processors in the same category identical, but their specifications may vary. These CPU hierarchy charts are neither specific to gaming nor the multi-threaded applications, but we’ve made an overall list for every kind of user as the majority of the users are requesting a CPU tier list 2021.

Tier 1: Workstation Processors

CPU Tier List (Updated Oct 2022) #1 Ultimate Guide (3)

On top of the list, we got some potent computer processors that offer exceptional performance in server related work. There I would like to mention that AMD Threadripper processors perform well in multi-threaded applications while the Intel processes are suitable for raw gaming performance. These processors have advantages over those mentioned in other tiers, but you might need to give them more power with the performance. The primary use of these processors is in the servers as they can’t give you maximum performance in games and consider this before buying.

Some dedicated people have reviewed the AMD Threaripper processors, and you need to know that these processors can easily beat the Intel i9 9900k in multi-threading performance. Rendering 3D models and video editing can be easily done with these gaming beasts but consider getting something typically made. Some of the models in this list got more than twenty cores, and we all know this amount of power is not required for gaming machines. Those users who have to do work other than gaming and need high performance can consider these processors.

The entries on this intel CPU tier list are some high-end models of the Intel Core i9 series and, yes, the high-end CPUs. I was thinking of including the i9 9900k too in this list, but because these processors are powerful enough compared to that eight cores and sixteen threads processor, I skipped it for the next tier. The least cores and threads in this tier are eight and twelve, while the most are thirty-two and sixty-four so we can imagine these beasts’ performance. You have to note that these processors work on sockets for the workstations, not the normal ones (LGA 1151).

CompanyCPU ModelNumber of Physical & Logical CoresBase Clock SpeedBoost Clock SpeedTDPCPU Socket
IntelIntel Xeon W 3175X26 – 563.1 GHz4.30 GHz255 WLGA 3647
IntelIntel Core i9 7980XE10 – 203.30 GHz4.30 GHz165 WLGA 2066
IntelIntel Core i9 7960X12 – 242.90 GHz4.30 GHz165 WLGA 2066
IntelIntel Core i9 7940X14 – 283.10 GHz4.20 GHz165 WLGA 2066
IntelIntel Core i9 7920X16 – 322.80 GHz4.20 GHz140 WLGA 2066
IntelIntel Core i9 7900X18 – 362.60 GHz4.20 GHz140 WLGA 2066
IntelIntel Core i9 9980XE18 – 363.0 GHz4.4 GHz165 W LGA 2066
AMDRyzen Threadripper 1900X8 – 163.8 GHz4.00 GHz180 WTR4
AMDRyzen Threadripper 1920X12 – 243.5 GHz4.00 GHz180 W TR4
AMDRyzen Threadripper 1950X16 – 323.4 GHz4.00 GHz180 WTR4
AMDRyzen Threadripper 2920 WX12 – 243.5 GHz4.3 GHz180 WTR4
AMDRyzen Threadripper 2950 WX16 – 323.5 GHz4.4 GHz180 WTR4
AMDRyzen Threadripper 2970 WX24 – 483.0 GHz4.2 GHz250 WTR4
AMDRyzen Threadripper 2990 WX32 – 643.0 GHz4.2 GHz250 WTR4

Tier 2: High-End Gaming

CPU Tier List (Updated Oct 2022) #1 Ultimate Guide (4)

The next processors on our list are the high-end gaming choices, which enthusiasts consider for their builds. This list includes some mainstream processors and some flagship models, and we’ve combined all of them there. If you’re looking for gaming performance, consider any processor from this list according to your budget and gaming needs. Along with gaming, you can also use these processors for some side work, including streaming and 3D rendering. The sockets used by these processors are the most common ones in the market, including the LGA 1151 and AM4.

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All these processors’ performance is no budget high enough, and pairing them with any good graphics card can give you excellent frame rates. The core count of these processors starts from four and eight, and it goes up to sixteen and thirty-two cores and threads, respectively. You need to know about these processors if you consider gaming and stream, the best choice you can get is from AMD as they perform well in multi-threading while for pure gaming, Intel has the game. You may notice in this tier that Ryzen and Intel i7 processors offer the same cores and clock speeds, but their performance might differ.

As we already know that Intel cut off the Hyperthreading from some of their mainstream, and you will see this in the i9 9900k and some other CPUs. For AMD processors from the AMD CPU tier list, you will see simultaneous Multi-Threading, which is the same as Intel Hyper-Threading technology. We don’t have to worry about the Hyperthreading cut off because Intel has increased the physical cores so that they will handle the applications very well. The clock speed of these processors is reasonable, and with any aftermarket cooler, you can easily hit a 5 GHz figure with this.

CompanyCPU ModelNumber of Physical & Logical CoresBase Clock SpeedBoost Clock SpeedTDPCPU Socket
IntelIntel Core i7 6700T4 – 82.80 GHz3.60 GHz35 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Core i7 67004 – 83.40 GHz4.00 GHz65 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Core i7 6700K4 – 84.00GHz4.20 GHz91 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Core i7 6800K6 – 123.40 GHz3.60 GHz140 W LGA 2011-3
IntelIntel Core i7 6850K6 – 123.60 GHz3.80 GHz140 W LGA 2011-3
IntelIntel Core i7 6900K8 – 163.20 GHz3.70 GHz140 W LGA 2011-3
IntelIntel Core i7 7700T4 – 82.90 GHz3.80 GHz35 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Core i7 77004 – 83.60 GHz4.20 GHz65 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Core i7 7700K4 – 84.20 GHz4.5 GHz91 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Core i7 7740X4 – 84.30 GHz4.5 GHz112 W LGA 2066
IntelIntel Core i7 6950X10 – 203.00 GHz3.50 GHz140 W LGA 2011-3
IntelIntel Core i7 7800X6 – 123.50GHz4.00 GHz140 W LGA 2066
IntelIntel Core i7 7820X8 – 163.60 GHz4.30 GHz140 W LGA 2066
IntelIntel Core i7 87006 – 123.20 GHz4.60 GHz65 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Core i7 8700K6 – 123.70 GHz4.70 GHz95 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Core i7 9700K8 – 83.60 GHz4.90 GHz95 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Core i9 9900K8 – 163.60 GHz5.00 GHz95 W LGA 1151
AMDRyzen 7 17008 – 163.00 GHz3.70 GHz65 W AM4
AMDRyzen 7 Pro 17008 – 163.00 GHz3.70 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 7 1700X8 – 163.40 GHz3.80 GHz95 WAM4
AMDRyzen 7 Pro 1700X8 – 163.40 GHz3.80 GHz95 WAM4
AMDRyzen 7 1800X8 – 163.60 GHz4.00 GHz95 W AM4
AMDRyzen 7 27008 – 163.20 GHz4.30 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 7 2700X8 – 163.70 GHz4.30 GHz105 WAM4
AMDRyzen 7 3700X8 – 163.60 GHz4.40 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 7 3800X8 – 163.90 GHz4.50 GHz105 WAM4
AMDRyzen 9 3900X12 – 243.80 GHz4.60 GHz105 WAM4
AMDRyzen 9 3950X16 – 323.50 GHz4.70 GHz105 WAM4

Tier 3: Mid Range Gaming

CPU Tier List (Updated Oct 2022) #1 Ultimate Guide (5)

For mid-range gaming, we don’t need much power, and that’s why we’ve picked up some of the flagship models from the old generation and some mainstream CPUs from the new generation. These processors don’t offer high numbers of cores and threads, but still, for mid-range gaming, they offer the best value for their price. As we know, older CPUs from the Intel i7 series are cheap these days to consider them for mid-range gaming. With a little overclocking, we can get exceptional performance from these processors for a very affordable price.

The least number of cores in these processors are four and eight, while the highest number is six and twelve cores and threads. We don’t consider i5 9400f or Ryzen 2600 like processors for this tier because they are a bit weak compared to the entries from the first generation of Ryzen 7 processors. Intel Core i7 4th generation processors and Ryzen 7 first gen are comparable in some ways as they offer almost the same performance. But the thing that makes them different from each other is that the fourth generation is a bit old these days.

Also, we need to know that Ryzen uses the DDR4 memory while the 4th generation of Intel uses the DDR3 memory. That makes a massive difference in these processors, and it may limit the future upgrade options for you. So take care of these few things before buying any processor for your upcoming mid-range build. The TDP of these processors is not much high, and there you will get an advantage of a bundled CPU cooler with the Ryzen processors, which is good as far as you don’t overclock these processors.

CompanyCPU ModelNumber of Physical & Logical CoresBase Clock SpeedBoost Clock SpeedTDPCPU Socket
IntelIntel Core i7 47704 – 83.40 GHz3.90 GHz84 WLGA 1150
IntelIntel Core i7 4770K4 – 83.50 GHz3.90 GHz84 W LGA 1150
IntelIntel Core i7 4770S4 – 83.10 GHz3.90 GHz65 W LGA 1150
IntelIntel Core i7 4770T4 – 82.50 GHz3.70 GHz45 W LGA 1150
IntelIntel Core i7 4770R4 – 83.20 GHz3.90 GHz65 W BGA 1364
IntelIntel Core i7 47714 – 83.50 GHz3.90 GHz84 W LGA 1150
IntelIntel Core i7 4785T4 – 82.20 GHz3.2 GHz35 W LGA 1150
IntelIntel Core i7 47904 – 83.60 GHz4.00 GHz84 W LGA 1150
IntelIntel Core i7 4790T4 – 82.70 GHz3.90 GHz45 W LGA 1150
IntelIntel Core i7 4790K4 – 84.00 GHz4.40 GHz88 W LGA 1150
IntelIntel Core i7 4820K4 – 83.70 GHz3.90 GHz130 W LGA 2011
IntelIntel Core i7 4930K6 – 123.40 GHz3.90 GHz130 W LGA 2011
IntelIntel Core i7 4960X6 – 123.60 GHz4.00 GHz130 W LGA 2011
AMDRyzen 5 14004 – 83.20 GHz3.40 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 Pro 15004 – 83.50 GHz3.70 GHz65 W AM4
AMDRyzen 5 1500X4 – 83.50 GHz3.70 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 Pro 16006 – 123.20 GHz3.60 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 16006 – 123.20 GHz3.60 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 1600X6 – 123.60 GHz4.00 GHz95 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 2400G4 – 83.60 GHz3.90 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 3400G4 – 84.20 GHz3.70 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 26006 – 123.40 GHz3.90 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 2600X6 – 123.60 GHz4.20 GHz95 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 36006 – 123.60 GHz4.20 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 5 3600X6 – 123.80 GHz4.40 GHz95WAM4

Tier 4: Budget Gaming CPUs

CPU Tier List (Updated Oct 2022) #1 Ultimate Guide (6)

The budget range of processors includes some entries from the Intel Core i3, i5, and Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 processors. These processes are okay as long as you don’t prefer high resolutions and in-game settings, but make sure that you are using some graphics card that matches these processors’ performance and doesn’t bottleneck them. Usually, these processors come with two cores and two threads, while the higher number of cores you can see in this tier are six, which are useful in any budget gaming processor. The TDP of these processors is not too high, and the Intel stock cooler can easily handle them.

The clock speed of these processors is not too high, but some support is overclocking, and you can hit reasonable clock rates with them. The budget gaming processors don’t support side applications like streaming and gaming, as they can barely run games these days. You have to compromise on a few things like resolutions and settings in the latest titles, but if you prefer to play Esport games, only these processors are useful. The sockets we need for these processors are very common, and they can be efficiently run on the LGA 1151 socket.

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I want to mention these processors don’t expect something more than average with these processors. The high-end models in this tier list are great enough, and they can be used for modern games and applications. Some of the processors in this list also don’t support boost clocks.

CompanyCPU ModelNumber of Physical & Logical CoresBase Clock SpeedBoost Clock SpeedTDPCPU Socket
IntelIntel Core i3 71002 – 43.90 GHzNA51 W LGA 2011-3
IntelIntel Core i3 7100T2 – 43.40 GHzNA35 W LGA 2011-3
IntelIntel Core i3 7101TE2- 43.40 GHzNA35 W LGA1151
IntelIntel Core i3 7101E2 – 43.90 GHzNA54 W LGA1151
IntelIntel Core i3 7300T2 – 43.50 GHzNA35 W LGA1151
IntelIntel Core i3 73002 – 44.00 GHzNA51 W LGA1151
IntelIntel Core i3 73202 – 44.10 GHzNA51 W LGA1151
IntelIntel Core i3 7350K4 – 4 4.20 GHzNA60 W LGA1151
IntelIntel Core i3 81004 – 43.60 GHzNA65 W LGA1151
IntelIntel Core i3 8350K4 – 44.00 GHz4.50 GHz91 W LGA1151
AMDRyzen 3 12004 – 43.10 GHz3.40 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 3 Pro 12004 – 43.10 GHz3.40 GHz65 W AM4
AMDRyzen 3 Pro 13004 – 43.50 GHz3.70 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 3 1300X4 – 43.50 GHz3.70 GHz65 WAM4
AMDRyzen 3 2200G4 – 43.50 GHz3.70 GHz65 W AM4
AMDRyzen 3 3200G4 – 44.00 GHz3.60 GHz65WAM4

Tier 5: Entry Level Processors

CPU Tier List (Updated Oct 2022) #1 Ultimate Guide (7)

In the end, we got the entry-level processors, which can be used for fundamental work, and they are not recommended for AAA gaming. These processors serve fundamental features, and they don’t offer performance more than average. However, the number of cores and threads are more than the Mid-range processors. The socket used for these processors is the LGA 1151, which you know is the most commonly used one. Entry-level processors are not specific for gaming; instead, their primary use is in offices and professional work. So hold your horses and let’s check out what’s right for us in these processors.

The number of cores in these processors starts from two while it goes up to six, which is useful if you want to do regular gaming. Overclocking is not possible in these processors as in Intel, it can only be done with unlocked processors, and k series processors got unlocked multipliers from the factory. While some of the processors in this series also offer internal graphics cards, which is a plus point for those who don’t like to buy an external graphics card. Some processors from the AMD FX series are listed in this tier, which you know is one of the best processors in their time.

CompanyCPU ModelNumber of Physical & Logical CoresBase Clock SpeedBoost Clock SpeedTDPCPU Socket
IntelIntel Pentium G G44004 – 83.30 GHzNA54 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Pentium G G4400T4 – 82.90 GHzNA35 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Pentium G G45006 – 123.50 GHzNA51 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Pentium G G4500T6 – 123.00 GHzNA35 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Pentium G G45208 – 163.60 GHzNA51 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Pentium G G45602 – 43.50 GHzNA54 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Pentium G G4560T2 – 42.90 GHzNA35 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Pentium G G46002 – 43.60 GHzNA51 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Pentium G G4600T2 – 43.00 GHzNA35 W LGA 1151
IntelIntel Pentium G G46202 – 43.70 GHzNA51 W LGA 1151
AMDAMD FX-41004 – 43.60GHz3.80 GHz95W AM3 +
AMDAMD FX-41304 – 43.80 GHz3.90 GHz125WAM3 +
AMDAMD FX-43004 – 43.80 GHz4.00 GHz95WAM3 +
AMDAMD FX-43204 – 44.00 GHz4.10 GHz95WAM3 +
AMDAMD FX-43504 – 44.20 GHz4.30 GHz125WAM3 +
AMDAMD FX 61006 – 63.30 GHz3.90 GHz95WAM3 +
AMDAMD FX-62006 – 63.80 GHz4.10 GHz125WAM3 +
AMDAMD FX-63006 – 63.50 GHz3.80 GHz95W AM3 +
AMDAMD FX-63506 – 63.90 GHz4.20 GHz125WAM3 +


Every processor in the market has its specific use, and we can’t use a gaming processor for server type work and a server processor for gaming. We’ve made a CPU hierarchy where all of the processors are categorized so that users will easily get the best options for them if they know their requirements. These lists include the best value flagship and mainstream processors, including the Ryzen 7 2700x and the Intel Core i9 9900k, which offers the best overclocking potential and power in games. Check out the processors on this list, select the best one according to your budget, and get it for your upcoming build.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The computer processors are getting more and more powerful with time, and their number of cores and threads is increasing with every new processor coming. The best flagship processor we can get for gaming in 2022 is the i9 10900k and the i9 9900k, and from AMD, it’s Ryzen 7 3700x, and Ryzen 7 3800x and both of them offer the best performance for their price.

The best value processor is the one that offers the performance we need for the price we are paying. We can’t use gaming processors for professional work and vice versa, so we have to look at a couple of things, including the number of cores and threads and much more. So always check the detailed specifications of the processor before buying it for your gaming rig.

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What is the strongest CPU in 2022? ›

AMD's Zen 3-based Ryzen 9 5900X is the new pace-setter, topping Intel's Core i9-10900K on all the fronts that matter.

What is the best CPU for fortnite 2022? ›

The best CPU for gaming
  1. Intel Core i5 13600K. The best gaming CPU. ...
  2. Intel Core i5 12400. The best budget gaming CPU. ...
  3. Intel Core i9 13900K. The best enthusiast CPU for those that need serious power. ...
  4. AMD Ryzen 7 7700X. The best eight-core Zen 4 CPU. ...
  5. AMD Ryzen 9 7950X. ...
  6. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D. ...
  7. AMD Ryzen 7 5700G.
6 days ago

What is the best CPU for Minecraft 2022? ›

Comparison Of the Top CPU for Minecraft Server
ProductCoresClock Speed
Intel Core i3 1010044.3 GHz
Intel Core i5 10600K64.8 GHz
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G44.0 GHz
AMD Ryzen 5 360064.2 GHz
1 more row
24 May 2022

What is the #1 CPU in the world? ›

Bringing it back down to Earth, the fastest consumer desktop processor by benchmark scores is the Intel Core i9-12900K, hands down.

Whats the most powerful CPU right now? ›

Intel Core i9-13900K

The Intel Core i9-13900K has taken the title of the fastest gaming processor on the planet, wresting it away from AMD's Ryzen 7 5800X3D and the Ryzen 7000 family.

What is the fastest CPU ever? ›

Intel launches the world's fastest desktop CPU - an unlocked 5.5 GHz Core i9. Intel announced at CES 2022 the 12th gen processor Core i9-12900KS, which can run at 5.5GHz max frequency. The chip can hit the speed on up to two cores for the first time, giving the ultimate performance to hardcore gamers.

Does CPU affect Fortnite FPS? ›

A fast and efficient CPU is essential for playing Fortnite at a high FPS. The speed at which the CPU calculates things like geometry, physics, and AI can directly impact the rate at which your system generates frames.

What CPU is Tfue? ›

Like all gamers, Tfue likes to run his games as smoothly as possible, and that's exactly what he does with the help of his Intel i9-10900K CPU and his mammoth of a graphics card, the NVIDIA RTX 3090.

What PC can run Fortnite at 144 fps? ›

Because it's a bare minimum Fortnite 144 FPS build, we went with something even cheaper – the Pentium Gold G7400. When paired with the GTX 1650, Pentium Gold G7400 will deliver 144 FPS in the Fortnite Performance model with no problem.

What CPU do pro gamers use? ›

If you're after purely the fastest CPU for gaming then your two choices are either the Intel Core i9-13900K or the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X. This is because both processors are capable of being overclocked to 5.8 GHz and 5.7 GHz respectively. Seriously fast.

Does CPU increase Minecraft FPS? ›

Unlike most games, Minecraft is more dependent on your CPU than your GPU. That means that the power of your CPU has a greatest impact on your computer's performance, and your CPU will often be the component limiting your FPS.

Does CPU matter for 4K gaming? ›

Does your CPU matter for 4K gaming? It certainly does a little bit. But what you really want is a good CPU with very fast single core speeds like the i3–12100F. Or really any quad core that hits 4GHz.

Is there a 1000 core processor? ›

Meet KiloCore, a 1,000-core processor so efficient it could run on a AA battery. This monstrous CPU is 100 times more power-efficient than today's laptops. If you were impressed by Intel's first-ever 10-core consumer processor—and there was a lot to like!

Does 1 core CPU exist? ›

The first single core processor was the Intel 4004 which was commercially released on November 15, 1971 by Intel. Since then many improvements have been made to single core processors going from the 740kHz of the Intel 4004 to the 2GHz Celeron G470.

Who is the powerful CPU? ›

Best overall: Intel Core i5-13600K

For most people, especially gamers, the Intel Core i5-13600K is Intel's absolute best all-around CPU. It actually replaces its predecessor at the top of the list, by taking the same basic design and just making it better.

What is the fastest CPU in the world for gaming? ›

The best gaming CPU you can get right now is the Intel Core i5-12600K. It has a base clock speed of 3.6GHz, but allows you to boost it to 4.9GHz for even higher performance.

What is the weakest CPU in the world? ›

The Worst CPUs Ever Made
  • Intel Itanium. Intel's Itanium was a radical attempt to push hardware complexity into software optimizations. ...
  • AMD Bulldozer. ...
  • Cyrix 6×86. ...
  • Cyrix MediaGX. ...
  • Texas Instruments TMS9900. ...
  • Dishonorable Mention: IBM PowerPC G5. ...
  • Dishonorable Mention: Pentium III 1.13GHz.
15 Jul 2021

What is the fastest 4 core CPU? ›

In GPUPI (1B), the i3 chip is faster than the Core i7-7740X (LN2 cooler at 7 GHz). This is the highly disruptive performance of an entry-level chip and at stock, this should easily make the Alder Lake Core i3 CPUs the fastest of all quad cores in existence.

Is M1 better than i9? ›

While the overall performance output of Intel Core i9 might be higher, Apple's M1 Pro and M1 Max chips offer better performance-per-watt.

What is the most powerful CPU Intel? ›

12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900KS Launches as World's Fastest Desktop Processor
  • March 28, 2022.
  • Contact Intel PR.
28 Mar 2022

What is faster than i7? ›

In Intel's simple terms, the Core i9 is faster than the Core i7, which is faster than the Core i5. But faster isn't always better, and most people don't need the extra horsepower.

Is Fortnite GPU or CPU heavy? ›

Fortnite does have good CPU utilisation, with the load being spread reasonably well across multiple cores. But it does lean a little more on the GPU performance for most of its PVE and PVP visuals, with CPU load only increasing in heavy moments of combat.

Does a better CPU reduce lag? ›

A faster CPU and GPU can significantly reduce latency throughout the system. Using the Game and Render latencies provided by the Reflex SDK in game: If your Game Latency is high, consider picking up a faster CPU.

What is the best CPU for FPS? ›

  1. Intel Core i5-12600K. Best CPU for Gaming. Intel Core i5-12600K. ...
  2. Intel Core i5-12400. Best Budget CPU for Gaming. ...
  3. AMD Ryzen 5 5600G. Best Ultra Cheap CPU for Gaming. ...
  4. Intel Core i9-12900KS. Fastest Gaming CPU. ...
  5. AMD Ryzen 7 5700G. Best APU for Gaming. ...
  6. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. Best CPU for Video Editing. ...
  7. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D. Best Ryzen CPU.
18 Aug 2022

What is a good RAM for Fortnite? ›

16GB is the recommended amount of RAM for playing most games and will provide a noticeable increase in performance from 8GB. You will also be able to run applications in the background without affecting gameplay.

What is a good CPU for Apex? ›

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7.
  • CPU: Intel i5 3570K or equivalent.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290.
  • GPU RAM: 8GB.
  • HARD DRIVE: Minimum 22 GB of free space.

Is 144 FPS an advantage? ›

Advantages of 144 FPS

The reason why is because if you're able to get more frames in a given second then you'll be able to see an enemy coming around a corner faster than someone that is capped at 60 FPS which gives you a pretty good advantage.

What is the max FPS for PC? ›

Currently, most standard screens can only display a maximum of 60 FPS, so that is the natural limit for typical computer users. For extreme gamers or competitive professionals, there are some screens that can display up to 144 FPS. These higher framerates are even smoother, but such screens are usually very expensive.

What CPU does Pewdiepie use? ›

CPU: Intel Core i9-7980XE. GPU: Dual GeForce GTX 1080 Tis.

Can CPU affect FPS? ›

Your CPU will always affect your in-game FPS because, as explained above, it's heavily involved in so many aspects of game processing. However, certain factors change how relevant the CPU is to your FPS. For one, while most games are very GPU intensive, some are CPU intensive.

Is higher CPU better for gaming? ›

Some games run better with more cores because they actually use them. Others may not because they are programmed to only use one core and the game runs better with a faster CPU. Otherwise, it will not have enough power to run and will be laggy.

Is 100 FPS good for Minecraft? ›

What is a good Minecraft FPS? That depends on the level of performance you are satisfied with. 30-60 FPS would be on the low end of the scale, while 144 FPS and above would be on the high end.

Is 22 FPS good in Minecraft? ›

Lower frame rates make your Minecraft gameplay look laggy or stuttering. And because stuttered gameplay is not enjoyable, a 60 FPS is already a good standard. However, if you're not really a particular type of player, 30-45 FPS is already acceptable for most people, but not the kind you'll probably enjoy.

What is the max FPS in Minecraft? ›

30-60 FPS would be on the low end of the scale, while 144 FPS and above would be on the high end. Adjust Minecraft's video settings.

How much RAM do I need for 4K gaming? ›

4K gaming requires a lot of RAM to run smoothly.

Games that are designed for 4K resolution need at least 8GB of RAM to run properly. Some games may require more RAM, depending on the graphics settings.

What graphics card can run 4K 120Hz? ›

Some premium PC cards will also support 4K 120Hz outputs. Among the most notable examples are versions of NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3090, 3080 and Twin Edge 3060 GPUs, and versions of the AMD Radeon RX 6800 and RX 6900.

Which core is best for gaming? ›

For ideal results, a machine running an Intel® Core™ i7 processor or better with at least 8GB of RAM is sufficient for playing games and streaming at the same time. If you're hoping for less impact on your gaming performance, an Intel® Core™ i9 processor makes for an even smoother experience.

Can CPU goes beyond 100 %? ›

This percentage is affected by the number of instances running across cores on the server. Multiple instances of a service running on one server or in a multi-core environment can produce CPU usage percentages well above 100%.

What CPU has the fastest cores? ›

The fastest processor you can buy right now is the Intel Core i9-12900K. It comes with 24 cores and high clock speeds, allowing it to rip through games and intense productivity applications. AMD has its Ryzen 9 7950X, which is also very fast.

How many core is a super computer? ›

Technical Specifications
Owens SYSTEM (2016)
NUMBER OF CPU SOCKETS1648 (2 sockets/node)
NUMBER OF CPU CORES23,392 (28 cores/node)
CORES PER NODE28 cores/node (48 cores/node for Huge Mem Nodes)
11 more rows

Is there a CPU with 128 cores? ›

A processor that can do HPC, AI, and Machine Learning all on one chip! Tachyum has created one of the most powerful processors in the world: The Prodigy T16128 Universal Processor.

Is there a 100 core processor? ›

Forget dual-core and quad-core processors: A semiconductor company promises to pack 100 cores into a processor that can be used in applications that require hefty computing punch, like video conferencing, wireless base stations and networking.

Is there a 18 core CPU? ›

Designed with the needs of content creators in mind, Intel® Core™ X-series processor family offer the power, and convenience of a full studio in your PC. Quickly and simultaneously record, edit, and render with up to 4.8 GHz achieved through Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.01, up to 18 cores, and up to 36 threads.

Which brand CPU is best? ›

Best CPU at a glance:

Best overall CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X – check price. Best value CPU: Intel Core i5-12600K – check price. Best value gaming CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600X – check price. Most powerful Intel Core Processor: Intel Core i9-12900K – check price.

What makes a CPU more powerful? ›

Thus, one way to make a CPU chip more powerful is to increase the clock speed—that is, to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete this chain reaction of flipping switches (transistors). The speed at which the CPU's switches can complete the chain reactionis measured in hertz—i.e., cycles per second.

What is the most powerful GPU 2022? ›

What is the most powerful GPU for gaming? That would be the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti. It has a whopping 24GB of VRAM, a base clock of 1.67GHz which can be overclocked to 1.86GHz, 2nd generation ray tracing tech, and 3rd generation tensor cores. It also supports DirectX 12 Ultimate, Nvidia DLSS, and G-Sync VRR.

What is the latest CPU from Intel 2022? ›

13th Gen Intel Core desktop “K” processors and the Intel Z790 chipset will be available starting Oct. 20, 2022, including boxed processors, motherboards and desktop system sales.

What CPU is future proof? ›

The Intel Core i7-12700K will support DDR4 memory, but we advise going all-in with a future-proofed system to keep up with the ever-growing demands of modern games.

What is the strongest GPU in the world 2022? ›

NVIDIA TITAN V has the power of 12 GB HBM2 memory and 640 Tensor Cores, delivering 110 TeraFLOPS of performance.

Is GTX or RTX better? ›

Because NVIDIA's current generation only hosts RTX cards, the most powerful NVIDIA cards are now all RTX only (no GTX). RTX cards are therefore not only better for graphics, but also for traditional rendering performance.

What is the fastest GPU in the world? ›

Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti: Tech Specs

The GeForce RTX 3090 Ti comes with 10,752 CUDA cores, which is more than what the RTX 3090 offered. It also features 78 RT-TFLOPs, 40 Shader-TFLOPs, and 320 Tensor-TFLOPs of power. It also comes equipped with 24GB of the fastest 21Gbps GDDR6X memory.

What is the most advanced GPU? ›

NVIDIA TITAN V has the power of 12 GB HBM2 memory and 640 Tensor Cores, delivering 110 TeraFLOPS of performance. Plus, it features Volta-optimized NVIDIA CUDA for maximum results.
Groundbreaking Capability.
Frame Buffer12 GB HBM2
Boost Clock1455 MHz
Tensor Cores640
CUDA Cores5120
1 more row

Should I wait for 13th Gen Intel? ›

The new Intel 13th Gen processors are certainly worth waiting for. The reason is quite simple: these processors will offer the “world's best gaming experience,” according to Intel's CEO, Patrick Gelsinger. Raptor Lake architecture is expected to ensure the new CPUs reach 6.0 GHz.

Is Intel Core i9 better than i7? ›

“Generally speaking, Intel Core i9 processors offer higher performance because they have more cores, higher frequencies, more cache and draw more power,” Moorhead says. “If you or your users require the highest performance with single-threaded or multithreaded workloads, the i9 is the one to choose.”

What is 12th Gen Intel called? ›

Alder Lake is Intel's codename for the 12th generation of Intel Core processors based on a hybrid architecture utilizing Golden Cove performance cores and Gracemont efficient cores. It is fabricated using Intel's Intel 7 process, previously referred to as Intel 10 nm Enhanced SuperFin (10ESF).

Is the i7 12700K future proof? ›

Intel Core i7 12700K: future-proof

In addition, the 12700K is a processor for the future, thanks to the DDR5 compatibility, for example. You do need an LGA 1700 socket on your motherboard for this processor, otherwise it won't work. That means you probably need a new motherboard and RAM.

What is closest to the CPU? ›

The Level 1 cache is closest to the CPU, and it speeds things up to have instructions and data separate at this point.

Is RTX 3060 TI worth buying? ›

Verdict: The RTX 3060 Ti is Still a Great Upgrade for Many Gamers. Plenty of gamers still own a GPU that predates both NVIDIA's 30-series and its 20-series graphics cards. In fact, the most recent Steam Hardware Survey shows that the most common graphics card used for gaming on Steam is still the GTX 1060.

What graphics card do pro gamers use? ›

RTX 3080

The RTX 3080 is one of the most powerful GPUs out there, and the performance that it delivers for the price is extremely attractive which makes it, if you ask us, one of the best GPUs to buy if you're a dedicated gamer.

Which is the most powerful RTX? ›

Nvidia reveals RTX 4090 and RTX 4080, its most powerful consumer GPUs ever.


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