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Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (1)

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Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (2)

Australian players are accepted

6th Secret Bonus

Minimum deposit: AU$20


AU$1020 + 350 Free Spins


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Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (3)
Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (4)
Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (5)
Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (6)
Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (7)
Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (8)

Withdrawal time:

0-24 hours


Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (10)


AU$10000 + 200 Free Spins



Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (11)


AU$1500 +20 Cash Bonus



(Video) IGT Black Widow Slot Machine Online Game Play

Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (12)


AU$1500 + 150 Free Spins



Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (13)


AU$3000 + 200 Free Spins



Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (15)


AU$1000 + 125 Free Spins



Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (16)


AU$1500 + 150 Free Spins

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Black Widow Slot Machine Game: Free Online Slot to Play by IGT (17)


AU$3000 + 350 Free Spins


This online slot game from IGT is 5 reels, fixed 40-payline slot with 96% RTP. Black Widow slot machine game online: no download no registration is a slot with huge bonus spins offer up to 98. The bonus game starts with 7 free spins, which can be retriggered to the maximum possible if the bottle green symbol fills the middle reels (2, 3 and 4). Black Widow free online slots with no download can be played with no deposit on free platforms. Gamers can also learn strategies on how to play the 1,000 jackpot pokie on youtube and game review sites.

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Black Widow Slot Machine Review

Black Widow, a fantastic slot powered by IGT, is a unique chance to trace a story of a widow and her man. This 5-reel game with 40 paylines would be an amusing experience when it comes to mysterious plot, vibrant graphics, and decent features. Also, the fans of a story about Black Widow herself would be amazed by the chance of playing this top-notch pokie designed by IGT. Keeping that in mind, we have reviewed the slot by spending a few evening sessions playing it.

Free Spins Bonus: 98 Free Spins

IGT advertises the Black Widow slot saying that you would get up to 98 extra spins. Free spins might be yours if you manage to secure a special symbol, which is the green poison, on reels 2, 3, and 4. Once you manage to do it, you’ll be awarded a total of seven more spins, which will also trigger a unique Web Capture mini-game. During that Web Capture mini-game, you would be obliged to “capture” either a male or female symbol in the middle of the reel 3. Each of the character symbols has its own multiplier system, meaning that you might boost your free spins amount up to 98. Take into account that a female character has higher multipliers, accompanied by special combinations. You would be most likely to stick only to 7 of them because the odds of securing some crazy combinations are mediocre.Online casinos also have their special promotions and deals, including additional spins bonuses. You should better check how your beloved online gambling platform distributes free spins. Just check the official terms and conditions in order to know whether casino free spins would be given to you or not while playing.

Jackpot: 1,000 Jackpot

The Black Widow slot machine doesn’t have a progressive feature. In-game Jackpot might surely be won if to collect a certain amount of high-paying symbols, yet the most colossal ones appear during the Bonus Rounds.Exactly during that Web Capture mini-game, a real Jackpot can be won since the Super Stacks feature enables. You might even score some groundbreaking Jackpots by stacking the high-paying symbols, at the same time, winning even more additional spins. The highest Jackpot amount is 1,000, meaning that your Web Capture mini-game is capable of making you wealthy.

Play Black Widow by IGT: 96% RTP

The slot machine is a superb possibility for those gamblers who enjoy story-based games. Black widow herself is a tricky woman who caused deadly harm to her former husband.IGT designed the game somewhat uniquely since it is famous for its vibrant graphics, immersive soundtrack, and engaging animations. This pokie machine is a wonderful opportunity to boost your winnings in the middle of tracing.You should definitely try this slot since it gives decent chances to increase your bankroll due to a solid 96% RTP.

How to Play Black Widow Slot: 5 Reels and 40 Paylines

The rules of the Black Widow free online slot are relatively simple. It is a 5-reel machine with a total of 40 paylines, which offers some decent bonuses when it comes to more spins and a mini-game. Also, the bets might be various, ranging from a minimum of 0.40 to a maximum of 1200. In that case, this game might be characterized as being rather a flexible machine in terms of betting. Don’t forget about betting on all 40 lines since it significantly increases your chances of winnings.

Since this game has low to medium volatility, your winnings will appear regularly. Also, this means that chances for you to handle that Web Capture game increase exponentially.You will generally need to secure that Web Capture mini-game as long as your fortune works for you. By stacking the Wild symbols, at the same time increasing the number of your free spins, you’d be amazed by everything that the slot has to offer.

Paytable: Get up to 1000 Coins

The slot game operates much like dozens of other pokie machines on the market. It has some high-paying symbols, including the Black Widow logo, which pays you 1000 coins if you manage to locate 5 of them in a row. Also, 3 handsome men, who, apparently, are the victims of the main character, 25 coins for 5 symbols. Black Widow symbol may also appear on the table, giving you 50 coins for 5 symbols. Other symbols include common card numbers from A to 10.

The most prominent bonus symbol is the Green Poison, which activates Free Spins. Also, the Black Widow logo is a Wild symbol, which substitutes all the symbols except for black widow herself, 3 handsome men, and Green Poison.Green Poison symbol, which serves as being a bonus, pops up only on reels 2, 3, and 4. In order to trigger that bonus round of extra spins, you have to locate a bonus symbol on all 3 central reels. Thanks to the low volatility of this slot, it’ll probably happen from time to time. When it comes to Web Capture, you would obviously retrigger your stacked symbols with less frequency, but the payouts are totally worthy of your attention.

Bonuses: Web Capture, Green Poison

The high-paying bonus round in the game is called Web Capture. It triggers once you collect 3 Green Poison symbols on all 3 central reels.Once you capture a female symbol on reel 3, you are to receive 3x value for that specific spin. Alternatively, if you capture one of those handsome men, you’ll also retrigger the bonus round by earning up to 13 times of value for it. Overall, the value of the meter of the Black Widow slot game might range from 2 to 1,000 times of your initial bet.Don’t forget about the bonus rounds offered from the side of online casinos. You’ll be asked to enter that “Play Now” button in order to get acquainted with the freshest deals, promotions, and some exclusive offers.

How to Win Black Widow Slot: Low Volatility, 4% House Edge

The Black Widow slot machine game has a house edge of only 4%, which might seem to be a decent option for gamblers. Don’t forget about the low volatility, which balances your bettings with possible winnings. You should play carefully around your bankroll, which is a universal rule for any machine.We often recommend selecting your coin size. You should top up your balance in order to have at least 200 spins. The low volatility makes your little Jackpots appear more frequently, yet some of the bonus rounds might contain nothing for you.

Real Money Play: Register and Gamble

Regarding the ways of playing for real money, we strongly recommend you to top up your game balance. If you have any hesitations on how to handle that properly, just follow our guide:

  • Go to the respective page of your favorite online casino. In case you’re uncertain about what to choose, visit our website with the most comprehensive recollection of the best online games.
  • After you finish the registration form on the website of the chosen gambling platform, you would be asked to choose your preferred payment method.
  • Once you make your choice from credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, or even bank wire transfers, you are to visit a Cashier section and comply with the guidelines on how to cash-in your funds.
  • With all those facilities handled, you are now free to gamble your Black Widow slot for real money without any problems.

From what you can see, making a real money deposit isn’t that hard. Stick to the aforementioned rules and think wisely in terms of choosing an online casino with the most generous offers and promotions.

Paytables: Get up to 98 Free Spins

A particular feature of the Black Widow slot game that we want to describe is the feature of extra spins. You might win up to 98 of them while playing it. In reality, the situation is a bit far from those promotional sentiments. The retriggering option will rarely happen, making your Green Poison streaks almost impossible.

  1. Mobile.The Black Widow free online slot by IGT was perfectly designed in terms of mobile compatibility, which works perfectly with the HTML5 versions on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Windows Phone, and Android devices. Also, you might run its Flash version from your Tablet.
  2. Big Win.A truly big win is possible once you hit the Black Widow logo 5 times in a row for a few consecutive times during Web Capture stacked rounds. In that sense, the win, in theory, might be unlimited.
  3. Tips & Strategy: Bet Carefully.The slot machine be outcompeted by following a specific strategy. Generally, you should be careful with your bankroll, bet wisely, and keep your fingers crossed in front of that spook black widow.


Can I really score 98 free spins during that bonus mode?

Technically, that is possible, yet you shouldn’t disregard our feedback on playing this game. In most cases, you’d just hit a maximum of 7 free spins, which, unfortunately, won’t be retriggered.

How can I beat this machine?

The Black Widow slot game powered by IGT is designed to be a low volatility slot, which gives you a chance to experience the emotions of those frequent wins. Since they wouldn’t be that impressive, you can beat that lady by pure luck and sincere fortune.

What does that RTP of Black Widow slot mean for me?

For you, personally, RTP (stands for a return to player) is crucial for knowing the rate in which this slot pays you back. When it comes to the domain of gambling, RTP of 96% is a common rate for such low volatility machines.

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What app has black widow slots? ›

Black Widow the slot game is Mac-friendly and mobile-friendly and is available on the IGT mobile app for phones that make playing this and other IGT games more accessible wherever you are.

How do you beat the Black Widow slot machine? ›

The Black Widow Bonus Game

The green vials of poison are the key to getting the bonus game. If you spin and get a vial of poison on the second, third, and fourth reel, you will receive at least seven free spins. The more vials that you see, the more spins you get.

What is IGT slot machine? ›

International Game Technology (IGT) was an American gaming company based in Las Vegas that manufactured and distributed slot machines and other gaming technology. It was acquired in 2015 by Gtech, which then adopted the IGT name.

Can a magnet trick a slot machine? ›

Let's get one thing clear: it's not actually possible to cheat modern day slot machines with a magnet, since they're all programmed by computer software and aren't magnetic. However, people used to be able to cheat with a magnet on the older machines, when they were made of metal.

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