15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (2023)

The other day while lining up thecoolest PS4 exclusives, I felt why not do the same for the Xbox One as well. Considering the popularity and rivalry between Microsoft’s game console and Sony’s offering, the idea instantly struck a solid chord with me. And guess what, I’m all geared up to reveal the best Xbox One exclusives that both newbies and die-hard gamers would love to give a shot. Whether you have found your gaming a little off-color recently or craving to spruce up the whole affair with some exciting games, this thoughtfully compiled roundup can prove to be a well-timed jukebox for you.

Best Xbox One Exclusive Games (Updated September 2020)

When it comes to interesting gameplay, there has to be an unpredictable element into the mix. Else, the gaming seems to become mundane even before you have finished the elementary round. So, I have made it a point to include a variety of games from different genres. To find out whether or not they are worth your time, let’s take a look at all the top Xbox One exclusive titles.

  1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  2. Sea of Thieves
  3. Gears 5
  4. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  5. Grounded
  6. Rare Replay
  7. Ryse: Son of Rome Day One Edition
  8. Gears of War 5
  9. Deep Rock Galactic
  10. State of Decay 2
  11. Sunset Overdrive
  12. Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition
  13. Quantum Break
  14. Forza Motorsport 7
  15. Super Lucky’s Tale

List of Xbox One Exclusives

1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

To kickstart this coveted lineup on a great note, I would like to pick out “Halo: The Master Chief Collection”. Though anyone who loves intriguing gameplay would enjoy having a go at this game, the folks who are craving to put their hands on Master Chief’s entire story would find it more exciting.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (1)

The bundleincludes Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4along with the brand new digital series, Halo: Nightfall. Packed with 45 campaign missions, over 100 multiplayer, and the thrilling Spartan ops, the game looks primed to offer hours of fun. So, take this awesome Xbox One exclusive to unravel the iconic hero and his epic journey!


  • Amazing FPS game
  • Enjoy interaction between characters
  • Multiple challenging campaigns
  • Epic fight


  • Recent stories are uninspired

Buy from Amazon:$26.99

2. Sea of Thieves

A power-packed adventure game like “Sea of Thieves” deserves a look. The game demands you toembrace the pirate life and create mayhem in the territories of rivals. To accomplish the mission dominance, you can join hands with other players to form a robust team. It gives you one of the finest open-world gaming experience on Xbox One.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (2)

Apart from indulging in some nerve-wracking battles with your opponents, you can also hunt for treasures to boost your arsenal. Along the way, watch out for the monsters who are always lying in the wait to destroy all of your plans. Long story short, Sea of Thieves is a top-notch Xbox One game that you will love to play for hours.


  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Based on pirate life
  • Kill and burn
  • Collect treasures


  • Quests become repetitive

Buy from Amazon:$31.15

3. Gears 5

“Gears 5” is the sort of game that you will never get tired of playing. What makes it one of themost loved Xbox One games of all timeis the timeless storyline. It featuresa thrilling co-op mode with a three-player suicide squadthat has to work in tandem to eliminate enemies. With around 50 waves of dangerous enemies, Gears 5 keeps you on your toes.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (3)

To keep your foes at bay, make sure to build defenses as they can go a long way in safeguarding against the brutal attacks of enemies. Also, do not miss out on the lucrative powers whenever they come your way.

Beyond gameplay, what I have found adorable in this game isa range of accessibility featureslike full controller remapping, adaptive controller support, and single stick movement that bring plenty of customization into the play.


  • Co-op mode
  • Build defenses and kill enemies
  • Supports controller remapping
  • Plenty of customization
  • New mechanics


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  • Too many gaming modes

Buy from Amazon:$40.99

4. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

If you have played Ori and the Blind Forest and didn’t find it interesting then you are going to be surprised with the sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It’s one the best Xbox One exclusives that is going to mesmerize you with its art depiction. The game is essentially a platformer-adventure game where you control Ori who is a white guardian spirit and Sein who is Forest’s Spirit Tree.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (4)

You need to collect resources and solve puzzles to upgrade your system which will strengthen Ori’s skills and abilities. It has got great critical reception for its art style, narration, action sequences, background score and beautiful ambiance. All in all, if you are looking for an enjoyable game on Xbox One that is exclusive to the console then Ori and the Will of the Wisps is your best bet.


  • Visually amazing game
  • Solve puzzles and collect resources
  • Lush and green environment
  • Top-notch background score


  • Some performance issues

Buy from Amazon:$29.99

5. Grounded

Grounded is an exciting new survival game developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Announced in July this year, the game is still in preview, but users are loving each new update to the game. Microsoft has even included the game under the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which is awesome.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (5)

Basically, you will be able to play this Xbox-exclusive anywhere and on any device. As for the gameplay, just like other survival games, you need to collect your crafts and resources to keep yourself grounded and alive.

The best part about this game is that you are shrunk to an ant and now you need to survive in a world full of giant insects and hordes of other biomes. Simply put, if you want to taste a true survival game then Grounded is highly recommended.


  • Unique survival game
  • Part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Play anywhere
  • Collect your crafts and defend yourself


  • Not tightly put together

Buy from Microsoft Store: $29.99

6. Rare Replay

This one is primed for your light-hearted gaming. So, save “Rare Replay” for the times when you want to get into fun-loving gaming. It’s a solid collection of30 iconic games.Talking about the gameplay, it demands you to be full of spirit.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (6)

Withover 700 hours of gameplay,the pack has got enough firepower to entertain you for long. Not to mention, the 10, 000 gamerscore points that add more joy to gaming. Keep in mind, the more efficiently you take on the snapshot challenges, the more rewards you will get. Therefore, never fail to put up your great show!


  • 30 iconic games
  • 700 hours of gameplay
  • Take up challenges and earn rewards
  • Best for playing old games


  • Installation process is not seamless

Buy from Amazon:$16.85

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7. Ryse: Son of Rome Day One Edition

Granted, you may have donned the role of several brave hearts, but I bet, you would relish playing as a young Roman soldier more than anything else. He witnesses the brutal killing of his family at the hands of barbarian bandits. To take revenge, hetravels with the Roman army to destroy the barbarian bandits.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (7)

The game presents a colossal aspect of Roman warfare in visceral detail. Players have to engage in epic gladiatorial battles where the only way of survival is to kill the opponents. So, unless you are at your heroic best, your rivals will throw you out of the battle!


  • Based on ancient Rome
  • Detailed visuals
  • Epic fight
  • Kill to survive


  • Short campaigns

Buy from Amazon:$15.48

8. Gears of War 4

No matter how choosy your collection of the top Xbox One games might be, you would like to make a safe spot for thisaction-packed game. Gears of War 4 is about JD Fenix and his friends Kait and Del who are on a herculean mission to rescue their loved ones from the grip of evil minds.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (8)

One notable feature of this game is therobust cover gameplay where you can perform close-cover combat moves.Not to mention, the combat-knife executions that make it a great pick for the folks who love to indulge with nasty battles.

As for weapons, the game ensures you have enough variety so that when you decide to unleash an apocalypse on your enemies, they have nowhere to go. Despite including its latest edition on this game, we could not keep this game from our list, just because how good it is.


  • Action-packed game
  • Robust combats
  • Rescue mission
  • Simple and easy to play


  • Easily punished

Buy from Amazon:$13.99

9. Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is ranked among the best Xbox One exclusive titles solely because of its unique co-op FPS gameplay. Here, you can play with 1 to 4 people in co-op mode and take the role of space dwarves. You are assigned many tasks such as mining minerals, killing enemies, retrieving lost equipments and more.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (9)

There are a total of 25 missions and four gaming modes which include The Engineer, The Gunner, The Driller, and The Scout. You can complete the mission and earn rewards that can be used to upgrade your weapon.

Not to mention, each mode is quite interesting, especially the cave network that is procedurally generated. To sum up, if you want to enjoy a co-op game on Xbox One then Deep Rock Galactic is what I would recommend.


  • Co-op mode
  • 25 missions and four modes
  • Awesome Cave network
  • Best game to play with friends


  • At times, graphics issue

Buy from Microsoft Store: $29.99

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10. State of Decay 2

Claiming to be theultimate zombie survival game, “State of Decay 2” didn’t have to put much effort to pass my acid test. And I don’t think it will take much time to win you over either. Talking about the gameplay, you have to go against all odds to survive.In a post-apocalyptic world, everyone would be thirsty for your blood.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (10)

And the only way you can last long is by teaming up with your friends (four-player co-op multiplayer), making a solid base, and managing resources smartly. Besides, make sure to develop your character’s abilities so that it can fend off unexpected challenges. In a nutshell, do not forget to pick this Xbox One exclusive, if zombie survival game is your thing.


  • Zombie survival game
  • Co-op, multiplayer mode
  • Develop your character
  • Kill and survive


  • Graphics is not polished

Buy from Amazon:$19.69

11. Sunset Overdrive

When there is a desire to indulge with action-packed gameplay, you can’t go wrong with Sunset Overdrive. Probably the best part about this game is that itdoesn’t have any set rules.So, you have absolute freedom to showcase your gaming prowess by eliminating your enemies.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (11)

To ensure dominance remains intact, be sure tocollect as many lethal weapons as you can.Besides, whenever the opportunity arrives, do not fail to upgrade your arsenal of weapons like fireworks, harpoons, dynamite and more.

You can play with your friends or join hands with other players online to make a deadly team. With several challenging missions and obstacles, Sunset Overdrive will keep you engrossed throughout.


  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Collect lethal weapons
  • Play online with friends
  • Set in 2027


  • Becomes repetitive after a while

Buy from Amazon:$8.49

12. Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition

There is a lot to like in “Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition”. First and foremost, the gamefeatures all the 26 characters and 20 stages from season 1-3.On top of all, you also get a bonus skin pack that brings plenty of fun into the mix. On the gaming front, you can compete in online multiplayer matches to showcase your gaming skills in the monthly ranked leagues.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (12)

The cinematic story mode is something that you would like to try out time and again. And if you would like to go a little deeper, you will get the chance to train an AI combatant as well. In short, Killer Instinct is one of the best Xbox One exclusives that you shouldn’t miss out on.


  • Series of challenges
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Cinematic story mode
  • Train an AI


  • Users often face performance issues

Buy from Amazon:$36.20

13. Quantum Break

How about trying out athird-person action shooter? If shooting is something that excites you to the core, you are going to love Quantum Break. With the insanely challenging combat at the disposal, your victories won’t come that easy.

(Video) 15 Amazing Xbox One Games You Must Play In 2018

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (13)

In this fast-paced game, each of the choices you make will eventually impact your outcome in the end. So, be fully prepared before kickstarting a shooting spree. To ensure your armory is always lashed with powerful weapons, thegame offers a boatload of weapons.

Therefore, you can pick out your best bet before triggering mayhem on your enemies. In a nutshell, Quantum Break is probably the most exciting third-person shooting exclusive game for Xbox One.


  • Third-person shooter game
  • Your choices will impact your future
  • Hunge range of weapons
  • Action-packed


  • Combative mode is average

Buy from Amazon:$12.99

14. Forza Motorsport 7

Simply put, Forza Motorsport 7 is a wicked fast car racing game for Xbox One. So, should you think of going on a demolition drive, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative. Touted to have thelargest automotive playset, the game features more than 700 Forzavista cars.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (14)

And with over 30 renowned destinations, your racing against the clock would be full of fun. If you ever think that you can trump everyone else on the racing tracks, take part in the Forza Racing Championship Esports league. Aside from gaming, it delivers 60 fps and 4K resolution in HDR that further spices up the racing spirit.


  • Fast car racing game
  • Available in HDR
  • 30 great racing circuits
  • More than 700 cars


  • Multiplayer experience is sub-par

Buy from Amazon:$37.98

15. Super Lucky’s Tale

If the nerve-wracking games have begun to seem a bit monotonous, give a chance to Super Lucky’s Tale. And I bet it will delight you to the core. The game is all about anamazing journey filled with fun-loving characters.Along the journey, you will face several unexpected challenges that will force you to improvise your strategy.

15 Xbox One Exclusive Games You Need to Play (15)

For those who have a huge penchant to wonderlands, they will enjoy exploring new worlds. Moreover, theside-scrolling challenge levels and diving into foxholes can bring you a lot of cool rewards. Whether you are a kid with a playful heart or a pro with great gaming skills, you will relish taking on Super Lucky’s Tale.


  • Fun-loving characters
  • Side-quests
  • Solve puzzles and challenges
  • Earn cool rewards


  • Too easy for pro gamers

Buy from Amazon:$19.93

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Xbox One Exclusives?

If a game is Xbox One exclusive then it means the game is only available on the Xbox One console. The game may also be available on PC since Microsoft develops and operates both the platform. Some of the popular Xbox One exclusives are Halo, Forza, Gears of War 5, etc.

Q. Does Xbox Have Any Good Exclusives?

As we went through the list, it’s clear that Xbox also boasts of some really great exclusives. For instance, Halo, Sea of Thieves and new games like Grounded are proof that Xbox is getting better at exclusive titles.

(Video) 15 Best Xbox One Games You Had To Play In 2018!

Q. Which Console Has the Best Exclusives?

Objectively, I find Sony’s PS4 and upcoming PS5 has better exclusives than Xbox One. While Xbox’s catalog is by no means bad, PS4 has some amazing exclusives like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima which are hard to beat. You can find the best PS4 exclusives from our list.

Get the Most Out of Best Xbox One Exclusive Games…

Hopefully, you have found my roster of the top games for Xbox One exciting. While collecting the games, I made sure they are worth taking on. Besides, I also ensured to pick out some wildcards to keep the unpredictability out of the way. So, I think the collection has got enough variety to appeal to both newbies and pros. Have I missed out on some of your all-time favorites? Let me know ’em in the comments!


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